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Yuya Sakaki

Yuya Sakaki Produktbeschreibung

Diese Seite enthält Informationen über noch nicht im deutschen TV gezeigte Episoden. Yuya Sakaki, bekannt als Sakaki Yūya in der jp. Version, ist die Hauptfigur. Yuya Sakaki (榊遊矢 Sakaki Yūya) ist der jährige Hauptcharakter von Yu-Gi-​Oh! ARC-V. Er ist ein Schüler, der lernt ein Unterhaltungs-Duellant, eine Variante​. Shop YU-GI-OH! SAKYS 30 cm Arc-V Yuya Sakaki Plush Figure. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more. Naruto Luffy hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Yu-Gi-Oh! SAKYS 30 cm Arc-V Yuya Sakaki Plush Figure: Toys & Games.

Yuya Sakaki

Vom Hersteller Sakami Merchandise kommt dieses offiziell lizenziert süße Plüschtier von Yuya Sakaki der Held von der Anime kultserie Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V. Er​. Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Plush Figure Yuya Sakaki 30 cm Sakami Merchandise Peluches​: Toys & Games. Yuuya SAKAKI ist ein Charakter aus dem Anime»Yuu Gi Ou: Arc-V«und aus dem Manga»Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V«. Beschreibung: Yuya SAKAKI. Coach Y, King. de.

However, after his Duel with the Sledgehammer , during which he reportedly "reinvented" himself, Yuya displays a more serious demeanor, saving his theatrical persona for his finishing combos.

Due to Yuya's initial buffoonery, his friends and other people are often baffled by Yuya's behavior and believes he doesn't take things seriously.

Because his father was so famous, his friends and other people seems to have high expectations of Yuya to live up to his father's reputation while simultaneously quick to bring up Yusho's "cowardice" or scold him for his clownish actions.

During his Duel with the Sledgehammer, Yuya proved to be quite clever and skilled in Action Duels , having learned everything from his father.

Similar to Yugi Muto , Yuya has a good deal of less self-confidence than the protagonists in the previous series. As such, when he finds himself cornered for example when " Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon " was destroyed in his Duel against Sora Perse , or something happens that breaks his confidence like when Declan and Sylvio used Pendulum Summoning , he tends to pull his goggles down so nobody can see his eyes.

At times like these, he ends up recalling lessons from his father, or relies on support from his friends or his mother to regain his confidence and continue the Duel.

Yuya has a habit of putting his goggles over his eyes when he is either upset or embarrassed, something he did since he was young.

When Yuya Duels, he announces "Ladies and gentlemen! In the dub, his catch phrase is "Swing into action". Initially, Yuya was more emotionally vulnerable regarding Pendulum Summoning, believing it to be a power granted only to him.

When both Declan and Sylvio Pendulum Summoned, he was speechless, but coaching from Skip and the lessons he learned during his Qualification Duels have turned him into a Duelist that enjoys the challenge set before him, and he smiled as he was cornered by Sylvio when he Pendulum Summoned in their rematch.

Regardless, Yuya can easily fall into depression due to matters such as witnessing his friends being sent to the forced labor of New Domino City, to conflict as simple as Crow Hogan telling him that he no longer wants to be his friend.

Yuya's depression is very prominent in the Synchro Dimension. Yuya believes that Dueling is for the purpose of making people happy, and he is disgusted when it is used for war.

However, confrontations with his dimensional counterparts and learning about the four dimensions as well as the crisis between them start making him doubt his ability to entertain people with Dueling.

His Duel against Iggy further hurt his optimism after Awakening and winning brutally using Yuto's card.

Yuya also believes that no card in a Deck is worthless. He was given two cards that were deemed worthless by their previous owners, " Block Spider " and " Tuning Magician ".

Despite the uselessness of the cards, Yuya has managed to come up with creative ways to make use of them and win, as demonstrated in his Duels against Sylvio and Shinji.

As Yuya becomes more involved in the dimensional war , in addition to repeated incidents that Awaken him, Yuya progressively finds it more difficult to entertain with Dueling, and stops using his usual phrases like "Ladies and gentlemen!

He becomes more hostile and impatient, such as when Declan revealed that the Battle Royal was a test to recruit Lancers which led to many of his friends becoming sealed in cards.

Even before this, Yuya tends to be impatient and demanding in his attempts to uncover information about the conflict between the dimensions or sensitive topics.

After the Duel against his mother, Yuya regained his belief that he could make people smile through Dueling, along with the wish to end the conflict between the Four Dimensions , and he demonstrated this against Sector Security.

Despite this, his efforts to entertain with Dueling in the Synchro Dimension are frequently thwarted, and these in addition to other problems such as Declan's treatment of Riley and Jack's comments about his Dueling have greatly increased his frustration.

This can cause him to become more aggressive and Duel violently similar to when he Awakened, as shown during his Duel against Officer Jean-Michel Roget believes this is Yuya's true nature.

The first time he Awakened, Yuya was collected and cold, speaking no more than necessary. However, when witnessing Yuto 's memories of Duel Academy 's attack on the Xyz Dimension and seeing the Knights of the Duel Disks being turned into cards by the Obelisk Force in front of him, Yuto's hatred towards the Fusion Dimension bleeds into Yuya, making him even more aggressive and ruthless.

This is worsened when the darkness inside him consumed him, making him desire to harm his enemies.

Subsequent bouts of Awakenings are either triggered by reminders of the invasion of the Xyz Dimension or when Yuya is placed under extreme stress.

Like his dimensional counterparts, Yuya is able to Awaken , an involuntary ability that activates when he is sufficiently angered, catalyzed by either the influence of the Four Dimension Dragons or his Dimensional counterparts.

This causes him to enter a state of rage that drives him to win the Duel no matter what it takes, and heightens his concentration to the point that he blocks out all sounds except for his opponent's voice.

After absorbing Yuto's soul and merging with him, Yuto's memories begin to spill over, allowing him to see fragments of his counterpart's past.

When triggered, the shock and trauma that comes with them can cause him to awaken and become influenced by Yuto's own hatred, which makes him vulnerable to the control of a darkness that slowly tries to consume both of their souls.

Yuya has the ability to synchronize with his dimensional counterparts, though the exact circumstances are unknown.

Unlike the apparent synchronization that Yuto and Yugo previously displayed, he has complete sync with his counterpart s , capable of seeing and experiencing everything that they experience.

In this state, Yuya and his counterpart s act as if they were one person, speaking, moving, and responding in the exact same manner.

When the Duel ends, both of them were unable to understand what had happened in that brief period of time, though both retain the memory of the Duel occurring.

Yuya is capable of retaining his own thoughts while in sync though he gradually loses the ability to distinguish between himself and Yugo, as seen when he worried that his victory would send Sylvio to the underground facility when it would have been Yugo's victory that would do the deed.

After absorbing Yuto into his body, Yuya can be possessed by him while not Awakened, causing Yuya to feel a rush of pain, followed by his eyes briefly glowing purple before fading to the same color as Yuto's.

Yuya is also immune to The Doktor 's Parasite Monsters. When they attempt to attach to his brain they are quickly destroyed by the darkness that possesses him when Awakened.

This is demonstrated whenever Yuya saw a glimpse of his monsters before summoning them, which mostly resulted with Yuya summoning and gaining new Special Summoned monsters.

He is the first protagonist whose surname only contains one character. Yuya was also the name of a Pharaoh, which could possibly allude to the fictional events in Ancient Egypt that heavily influenced the plot of the second series anime.

His given name contains the characters for "game" and "arrow". It is also part of the Shinto creation myth, during the section in which Amaterasu retreats into a cave after Susano'o torments her, where it is strung with jewelry and mirrors as part of a successful plot to draw Amaterasu from the cave and restore light to the world.

In his childhood, Yuya sat by himself crying when his father, Yusho Sakaki came in to cheer him up. He gave him advice on laughing whenever he felt down and used Yuya's pendant to explain that if Yuya was happy, the happiness would swing back at him.

His father learned of the incident and reaffirmed the statement that Yuya should look up and laugh whenever he felt like crying.

Yuya did so, locating his Pendant hanging from a tree branch. He said instead of being like him, Yuya should always be himself.

Gong explained that Action Cards were too risky if one were to rely on them, though Yuya claimed that that was the exciting part about them.

When Yusho did not show up, Yuya ran to the bottom of the stands, saying that his father would appear, and challenged the Sledgehammer to a Duel until his father arrived.

Yoko pulled Yuya from the stands as he continued to protest. As Gong called out to Yuya to Duel in a one-on-one match, he boldly made a stage performance with " Hippo Carnival " and started to dance.

After Zuzu Boyle accidentally broke the ARC System , Yuya fell to the ground, but he managed to make a quick recovery and pulled a funny face after seeing Tate looking concerned.

At the lounge, Yuya was frustrated that he couldn't entertain his audience, much to the annoyance of his friends.

Eventually, he left the school and sat by himself, remembering the time when his father told him to stay positive when he felt down.

He later made his way to the Dueling arena to participate in the Sledgehammer's Duel, dressed as a clown. Yuya snuck up behind the Sledgehammer and taunted him behind his back before revealing himself, much to the Sledgehammer's shock and anger.

Yuya apologized for his actions before commencing the Duel. He put up a good performance with " Performapal Hip Hippo " and used the Action Cards that were scattered around the battlefield to save himself.

Remembering his father's words, Yuya regained the courage to continue. Afterwards, he was swarmed by people asking about the Pendulum Summon that he'd performed, though he seemed unaware of the details himself and didn't seem to remember exactly what had happened.

Yuya and Zuzu had an exhibition Action Duel, though Yuya received a swat from Zuzu's fan beforehand for not taking it seriously.

He portrayed her as a fan of the Sledgehammer looking for revenge after being put on the spot.

On his second turn, Yuya attempted to Pendulum Summon again, but the Summon failed. Theorizing that it might only work when he was in a pinch, he urged Zuzu to attack him with all she had, but the Summon failed again and Zuzu defeated him.

He showed Zuzu and the applicants his Pendulum Cards afterwards, annoying the applicants as they thought that Yuya might have cheated against the Sledgehammer and they couldn't use the Summon without the Pendulum Cards in the dub, the applicants mainly thought Yuya cheated.

All of the young kids but Tate, Frederick, and Allie left. Tate believed in Yuya, and Gong encouraged Yuya to support his fans. Yuya agreed, vowing to master Pendulum Summoning.

When asked the answer to a problem, he bolted upright in his seat and began to recite his Pendulum Summon chant, before trying to wriggle his way out of the situation by stating that math didn't "exactly add up to a fun time" which earned him a swipe from Zuzu's fan.

They were interrupted by a student of the Leo Institute of Dueling , Sylvio , who threw three sucker-tipped darts at Yuya.

Sylvio showed them around, and Yuya was impressed by the various courses the school had on different Summoning forms. He was briefly distracted by someone noticing him, and rejoined the others.

Yuya was reluctant, but he agreed, holding out "Stargazer Magician" and "Timegazer Magician". Sylvio swiped the cards and showed them to his friends, then he stated that he was keeping them for himself, suggesting that Yuya Duel to get them back.

He took the first turn and used " Performapal Whip Snake " to make his way around the " Prison Tower of Darkville ," attempting to find Action Cards, but not only were they Traps that reduced the ATK of "Whip Snake," but they also put his friends at risk.

Sylvio then proceeded to use the two Pendulum Monsters that he had stolen to Pendulum Summon three monsters himself, much to Yuya's shock.

Yuya later used " Empty Fishing " to regain his two Pendulum Monsters and used them to save his friends from falling. After losing to Yuya, Sylvio sent his friends to take back "Timegazer Magician" and "Stargazer Magician", but they were intercepted by a boy named Sora Perse , who knocked them unconscious with his lollipop stick and declared himself as Yuya's apprentice.

The next day, Yuya woke up after having a dream about being the world champion, only to find that Sora had followed him home.

As the day went on, Sora continued to follow Yuya to school, appearing in front of him and calling him "teacher".

Yuya initially refused to Duel him, but after Yuya's friends, and Skip supported Sora, Yuya gave in and reluctantly accepted the Duel. Yuya added two conditions to the Duel: if he won, Sora would stop following him and calling him teacher, but if Sora won, he would continue to follow him.

Yuya immediately went on the search for an Action Card to protect it, but Sora grabbed it first and also used it to protect his monster from Yuya's Trap.

Depressed at the loss of his ace monster, Yuya hid his eyes behind his goggles, believing that he had lost. He then remembered a time from his childhood where he'd lost his pendulum, and his father reminded him to look up and laugh when he felt like crying; Yuya had done so and then found the pendulum.

He did so now, much to the surprise of everyone watching, and then he saw an arrow on his Duel Disk that was pointing to his Extra Deck - "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" had been sent to the Extra Deck instead of the Graveyard, and thus prevented Sora from completing his combo.

Yuya asked Sora where he'd learnt to Fusion Summon, with Sora being evasive by claiming it was normal from where he came from, frustrating Yuya with his evasiveness.

After experiencing a sensation that he was being talked about one day, Yuya was waiting with Frederick, Tate and Sora for Zuzu and Allie to get back with ice-creams; however, only Allie returned, telling Yuya that Zuzu was in danger.

Yuya raced to the warehouse where Zuzu had been, finding her unharmed, and she asked if something had been his doing, much to his confusion.

After it was clarified that they didn't, they heard Gong yelling "that Yuya would never do such a thing".

Confused, Yuya found him with Sylvio's friends, who all claimed that Yuya had attacked Sylvio and hospitalized him, much to Yuya's surprise and confusion, and furthermore, Zuzu had also witnessed the incident.

Yuya denied that he'd attacked Sylvio, but the conversation only intensified when Henrietta became involved.

His friends were convinced that Yuya had not attacked Sylvio, even Zuzu, who had been doubting her own conclusions. Regardless, she stated, Sylvio had lost and their School's name tarnished.

The group realized that Henrietta was using the incident as an opportunity to add the You Show Duel School to LID when she proposed a Duel between schools, best out of three.

Yuya vowed to fight, refusing to let the Duel School that his father had founded with the intent to teach Entertainment Dueling be taken over by one interested in money and power.

Dipper immediately brought out his " Constellar Pleiades ," which he used to counter Yuya's Pendulum Summoning by returning "Odd-Eyes" to Yuya's hand, as well as barring Yuya's way when he attempted to find Action Cards.

Dipper's expertise with the Action Field puts Yuya at a disadvantage and purposefully in danger, and even though Yuya manages to withstand "Pleiades" until it runs out of Overlay Units, Dipper simply brings out another, then uses the first one as Xyz Material to Xyz Summon " Constellar Ptolemy M7 ".

Dipper again timed his attacks to hurt Yuya, resulting in a building collapsing around Yuya as he grabbed an Action Card.

Yuya was able to survive, commenting that if he had fled, it wouldn't have been exciting, and he countered with the card, inflicting damage to Dipper for the first time.

Dipper went into a rage for being damaged for the first time in 40 Duels, and used " Constellar Tempest " to reduce Yuya to Life Points , raining down meteors on Yuya, who was only just able to dodge them.

The effect was applied to Dipper as well, but since his Xyz Monsters had Ranks rather than Levels, he received no bonus, and Yuya proceeded to wipe out the rest of Dipper's Life Points.

Yuya supported Zuzu, telling her to win, but Zuzu was still distracted by recent events and she was defeated by Julia, much to Yuya's horror.

He ran over to her after the Duel, and the two ended up embracing until Julia snarkily took note of it. Zuzu quickly and violently shoved Yuya away, much to his surprise.

He reassured her that it was all right that she had lost - they just had to win the next Duel, was all. Skip raised the stakes to ensure that if their Duelists won, LID wouldn't bother them again.

He was proven right, as Gong was able to nearly win, but eventually forced the Duel into a draw. Gong apologized to Yuya, who reassured him it was thanks to him they'd been able to get a draw.

A furious Henrietta proposed a tie-breaker Duel between Yuya and Julia, the two winners, and Yuya, donning his goggles, prepared to face her, but before they could begin, a mysterious grey-haired Duelist arrived, Declan.

He claimed that he would put an end to this. As they stood in the Duel Arena, Zuzu, noting that Yuya wasn't his normal self, urged him to laugh and smile.

Yuya did so, stating that bright and fun entertainment was his motto, realizing that he couldn't forget that.

Yuya attempted to counter with "Whip Snake," but Declan was able to use an Action Card to evade the attack, but now he had four " Dark Contract " that would all inflict damage to him during his next turn.

Declan observed that Yuya seemed to be very kind, though he called such kindness useless on the stage of battle; despite being given the option to end his turn and win, Yuya was hesitating.

Yuya Set a card and ended his turn, but Declan nullified the damage he would take by sending the "Dark Contracts" to the Graveyard and drawing a card for each one with " Contract Laundering.

Declan asked Yuya if he meant Yusho's Dueling, much to Yuya's shock. He asked if Declan knew his father, to which Kit and Dipper shouted from the sidelines that of course they knew him; he was the coward that ran away.

Declan yelled at the LID Students to be silent, before apologizing for his outburst and explaining to Yuya that of course he knew Yusho, the man who had brought them their current Action Duel, he respected Yusho from the bottom of his heart.

Yuya admitted that he was looking forward to whatever Declan had in store for him, then jokingly claimed he was kidding. Declan returned the compliment, and told Yuya to confirm whether Pendulum Summoning was unique to him with his own eyes.

He destroyed the first, but this activated the effects of the other two to gain the ATK of the destroyed monster, boosting the other two to ATK.

He ended his turn in shock - and then the Pendulum Monsters in Declan's Pendulum Zones malfunctioned, reducing the range of their Pendulum Scale to 2 and 5 and destroying the remaining "Hell Armageddons.

Before they could continue, Declan received a call from his employee Claude , and he gave Yuya the win. He told Yuya his full name when asked before he departed.

Yuya was shell-shocked that Declan had been able to Pendulum Summon. After Sora's comments that it had been Yuya's efforts alone that had kept the school safe, Tate encouraged Yuya to teach them about his Pendulum Summoning, but Yuya yelled that Pendulum Summoning wasn't his anymore and he tried to run off, only for Skip to stop him.

Skip told him off for running, pointing out that reality wouldn't change if Yuya fled from it, despite the fact that other people could Pendulum Summon had shown up.

He ordered Yuya to Duel him, so that he could beat Yuya's pessimistic personality into shape. Yuya protested at his Duels being called fake, and Skip claimed that Yuya's Duels were not comparable to his or Yusho's.

Forcing Yuya to reveal his hand, Skip harassed him, and Yuya Dueled for a turn without using his Pendulums, despite having both his Magicians in his hand.

When Yuya's attack failed, he claimed that Yusho's Duels were more entertaining than Skip's, a fact that Skip agreed with.

Skip pointed out that Yusho's Duels weren't always like that and initially attracted criticism, but eventually, the jeers became cheers.

He told Yuya that to open a door to a new world, one with courage had to push it, and Yuya had opened a new door called "Pendulum.

To prove it, he took control of the Magicians and used them to Pendulum Summon more monsters.

Skip commented that Yusho would have been overjoyed and improved his skills, while Yuya was shocked instead, and encouraged Yuya to set and example and hone his skills.

Regaining his confidence and taking a step forward with courage, Yuya Pendulum Summoned "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" and two new "Performapals", " Performapal Stamp Turtle " and " Performapal Spikeagle ," and then he used the effects of his monsters and the assorted Action Cards he found to switch Skip's " Guts Masters " to Defense Position and thus prevent them from using their effects, allow "Odd-Eyes" to inflict piercing damage, and attack all of Skip's monsters, allowing him to win.

Skip over-dramatically faked a death scene and Yuya responded just as dramatically, until Zuzu smacked her father with her fan.

Yuya vowed to train harder and be a Duelist like his father. The next day, as he messily ate lunch with Zuzu, Sylvio approached them, commenting that he heard Yuya attacked someone again, though he knew Yuya wasn't the culprit, and he called Yuya's Pendulum Summoning cowardly as only Yuya could do it.

Sylvio vowed to get his hands on the new Pendulum Cards being developed by Leo Corporation and defeat Yuya, saying that he'd be waiting at the Junior Arc League Championship before departing.

Yuya tried to find someone to Duel all day, but they all refused. Tate worked out that if Yuya defeated his next four opponents, he'd be able to qualify.

Yuya bemoaned the fact that his win against The Sledgehammer was causing people to think he'd get a free pass, something that he didn't want, and then realized that there were four of his friends right there - but they all refused; Allie, Tate and Frederick as they were only in elementary school, and Zuzu because she and Yuya had Dueled many times before and she'd already qualified.

Zuzu suggested asking Gong for help, but Yuya decided against it, as Gong had helped him too much in the past and Yuya wanted to get stronger by himself.

Zuzu, who also wanted to do so, departed, asking Yuya to tell Skip that she wouldn't be at Duel School that afternoon. When a confused Yuya wondered why she'd left, Allie slyly suggested it was because Yuya had forgotten to thank Zuzu as well.

Yuya freaked, but it was too late to fix his mistake. Yuya declined, not wanted to be given special treatment, but he was able to get Nico to set up his next four Duels.

He found Zuzu, Sora and Julia in the warehouse that Sylvio had been attacked in after he was sent there by Skip Boyle. He was immediately interrogated by both Julia and Zuzu, but had no clue what they were talking about.

Sora mediated the situation by distracting Julia and explained to Yuya that he'd been teaching Zuzu to Fusion Summon. When he explained that he'd found his next opponents, Sora asked Yuya about entering, and Yuya explained that if he won six Duels in a row, Sora would be able to enter.

After reorganizing his Deck the following day, Yuya noted that his mother was bringing in more stray animals, including Sora, who was eating with them again.

They wished each other luck, but Yuya ended up having to skip breakfast since the new recipe his mother was making was taking too long.

Reed swarmed the field with weak monsters, and Yuya used "Whip Snake" and his own Action Card to counter Reed's, giving Reed the opportunity to place his destroyed " Cookpals " in his " Food Cemetery.

This in turn allowed Reed to add two more "Royal Cookpals" to his hand. Drawing a Trap card, Yuya knew it couldn't help him and he lept for an Action Card, but his hunger prevented him from reaching it.

He tried Pendulum Summoning again, but his monsters were force-fed and destroyed again by the Royal Cookpals, and Yuya reluctantly ended his turn again with the Trap card he'd drawn.

Reed then proceeded to bring out all of his "Royal Cookpals" and used their effects to double the ATK of one of them four times, to Yoko arrived, surprised at Yuya's struggle, citing it due to not having breakfast Yuya himself was getting slightly distracted by how delicious the monsters looked.

She tossed him Reed's recipe, but wrapped in pancakes, and Yuya eagerly devoured it, and then leapt for the Action Card again, using it in combination with his Trap to survive the attacks.

Reed returned all of his "Royal Cookpals" to his hand again and destroyed all five of Yuya's monsters, but Yuya had been counting on this, and he used this to trigger "Illusion Balloons," the balloons appearing as the breakfast Yoko had made for him.

He excavated the top five card of his Deck, and the final one was his " Performapal Elephammer ," which was thus Special Summoned with enough ATK to wipe out Reed's Life Points, winning Yuya the first of the four remaining Duels that he needed to qualify.

Yuya later went to find Zuzu again, unaware that her bracelet had activated just before he'd shown up, having been sent after her again by her father.

He wondered why she wasn't coming to Duel School anymore. As he was due to Duel at the Quiz School the next day, after having several of Reed's recipes that had been prepared by his mother, he stayed up late watching quiz shows, but this had a negative effect on his concentration.

As he walked down the street, he was suddenly pursued by three LID students led by Curio Sawatari , who still believed Yuya to be the person who had attacked Sylvio.

Fleeing, unaware of the reason behind his pursuit, Yuya was saved by the intervention of Shay Obsidian , who proceeded to Xyz Summon a monster that dealt real damage to the LID elites and seal them in cards, while knocking Yuya himself out.

Nico Smiley later found Yuya, who babbled about a monster that destroyed the area, but there was no visible evidence of the encounter.

Nico asked if Yuya had been sleeping, and Yuya admitted that he'd stayed up all night doing quizzes.

Yuya had difficulty during the Duel as he was only able to find " Quiz " Action Cards in subjects that he was bad at, while Pierre claimed those in the subjects that Yuya was better at.

Despite this, Yuya's humiliation caused the audience to laugh, something that took as a compliment. The next day, Allie, Frederick and Tate noticed Yuya seemed bothered and wondered why.

Yuya remembered Nico Smiley congratulating him from his two recent Duels. Yuya noted that Nico didn't seem so excited, with Nico replying that it's the Pro Duelists' job to be excited.

He told Yuya that the Entertainment Duelists surpassed the wildest imagination of the audience. Yuya took his pendant off his neck and swung it around.

He restated surpassing the audience's imagination and how his father stole the hearts of his audience, too.

Yuya remembered what Declan said about seeing further evolution in Pendulum Summoning, and was frustrated about how he couldn't see it, though.

He went to Skip and asked what he should do, with Skip replying that he should move forward. Yuya commented that if he didn't know which path to take, he couldn't move forward.

Dipper intercepted him, and they told each other to watch where they were going just before they recognized each other.

Kit then reminded Dipper that they had to go. Yuya asked what happened, and Kit replied that Julia found the culprit of the recent attacks.

The trio arrived at the crime scene, only to find Julia, Sora, and Zuzu with her cards scattered across the ground.

Yuya asked Zuzu what was wrong, and she sobbed, saying she didn't know what's going on anymore. The LID security then arrived, and Julia ran toward them apologizing.

Sora told Yuya and Zuzu they should probably go. Kit remarked to Yuya that he still needed two more matches to join the Junior Arc League Championship.

Yuya asked how he knew that, and Kit replied that he wanted to say good luck, although it might be difficult for him, and he left. Yuya then noticed Zuzu's " Polymerization " on the ground, and guessed she accidentally forgot about it.

He was due to Duel Aura Sentia the next day, but slept in and arrived late, bumping his head on his desk and mixing up his cards at his house and cartwheeling down the stairs to land in a position to see up Aura's skirt.

Aura whacked him on the head with her crystal apple for that. Yuya's bad luck continued into the Duel, drawing high-Level monsters and low Scales, leaving him with a dead hand and forcing him to pass, allowing Aura to take an early lead with her Flip Effect Monsters , and then her Ritual Monster , " Prediction Princess Tarotrei.

Aura then had "Tarotrei" read Yuya's fortune, the Towers card, which indicated a destructive future for Yuya. Aura told him to stop the match to avoid that future.

She continued to urge him to surrender, even sealing Yuya's draw with " Draw Lock ," which Yuya would need to dispel with an Action Card.

Yuya began to search, eventually finding one as the chandelier of the Duel Field began to collapse around him. Sprinting hard, Yuya was able to grab the card and survive the fall, apparently having changed his future.

He drew on the next turn, but he'd drawn Zuzu's "Polymerization," as was disheartened, believing that he couldn't use it.

He then received a vision of a sealed monster , and he Pendulum Summoned again, then returned his "Magicians" to his hand and Summoned "Stargazer Magician," then fused it with "Odd-Eyes" to create "Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon," which was able to attack multiple times and win the Duel.

He returned Zuzu's "Polymerization" to her, and they shared a touching moment that was broken up by the infatuated Aura, inciting swift rebuke from Zuzu.

Gong revealed that in order to get a serious match from Yuya, he'd arranged it so that they were both one win away from entering the Junior Arc League Championship, much to Yuya's shock.

He didn't know if he could defeat Gong like that, but their Duel commenced on the " Sword's Cemetery " field that Gong had Dueled Kit on.

Gong revealed that he had instead requested instruction from Kit, and he drove Yuya back with "Susanowo. His friends, who had been secretly watching the Duel, congratulated him afterwards, including Gong, who reassured Yuya that he still had a chance to enter the Championship.

The day of the Championship, Yuya stood on the bridge looking at the Dueling Arena, while swinging the pendant in front of him.

He remembered the day before his father's Duel with the Sledgehammer. After the recollection, Yoko chided Yuya, telling him that she just got a call from Zuzu.

She said that Yuya should be worrying there, pointing at the stadium. At the stadium, Yuya arrived just in time, butting heads with Grizzlepike , and he was selected to give the oath of fair play.

Though he initially messed up, he composed himself and gave a speech about his father, earning the applause of the stadium. Yuya learned that his first match was to be against Sylvio Sawatari the next day.

He watched Frederick, Allie, and Zuzu's Duels, supporting them all. On the second day, a man carrying Gong's sash ran into Yuya, and another man snatched the sash up.

Yuya and the first man gave chase, but Yuya had been lured into a trap by the two, who had been sent by Grizzlepike to harm Yuya, thus distracting Gong during the match.

Yuya was able to not only defeat them and get the sash back, but also entertain them with his "Hippo" cards. He arrived at the match and threw Gong's sash to him, and watched as Gong proceeded to defeat Grizzlepike.

Yuya was up next against Sylvio, who vowed to defeat him based on false accusations. Despite being cornered, with Pendulum Summoning being used against him, Yuya was enjoying the Duel, Setting his remaining cards and ending his turn, then dashing off to look for Action Cards, vowing that the Duel had only just begun.

He still had to survive the turn, however, but had already located the " Big Escape " card, allowing him to end the Battle Phase, despite initially appearing to have been buried in the rubble of a building.

Yuya was able to rouse the crowd by drawing " Magician Manipulation ," replenishing his hand. Afterwards, Sylvio generously offered to Duel Yuya any time, and they waved to the crowd as Yuya mused that this was the type of Duel that he'd been wanting, and wondered if he'd gotten closer to his father.

He recognized Shay's monsters from when he'd encountered him, including " Raidraptor - Rise Falcon ," and warned Sora to be careful, proven correct when "Rise Falcon," decimated Sora's field and again created real shockwaves.

As the Duel reached its climax, with Shay claiming victory, Yuya, horrified by the battlefield the Duel had descended into, begged them to stop, as this wasn't Dueling.

Sora was injured by a falling building and hospitalized, Yuya desperately trying to reach him. He remained with Zuzu and Gong at the hospital to keep an eye on Sora, where the three of them compared the facts, and Yuya learned about Yuto , a Duelist who resembled him and the real culprit behind the attack on Sylvio.

Yuya mused that the conflict between Sora's people and Shay's seemed to be larger than an inter-school rivalry, but before they could talk further, they overheard the guards looking for Sora, who had escaped.

Yuya ran over to Sora, trying to get him to rest, but Sora refused. Angered by Yuto hurting his friend, Yuya joined the Duel.

Before Sora could continue, he was forcibly returned to the Fusion Dimension. Yuya was skeptical, but told Yuto that Dueling shouldn't be used for fighting as it was by the other Dimensions.

They were interrupted by the arrival of a Duelist on a Duel Runner , who crashed into a streetpost, and revealed that he too resembled Yuya and Yuto.

Yuya watched the Duel in shock as the Duelists ran around agily, and experienced the same burning sensation when Yugo, a Synchro user, called out " Clear Wing Synchro Dragon.

Yuya managed to calm Yuto down, getting him to call off his attack, but was unsuccessful in calming Yugo, who proceeded to claim victory.

Yuto saved Yuya from the shockwave, and Yuya ran to his defeated doppelganger, begging him to stay with him. Smiling, Yuto handed Yuya his glowing "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon," asking Yuya to use his power to bring Duels with smiles to the world, and both he and Yugo vanished in a glow of blue light.

Yuya sat there in shock, collapsing as Zuzu arrived. Yuya remained unconscious for two days, and when he finally awoke, he was surprised to hear it.

Zuzu informed him that the first round of the Arc League Championship was ending today. When Zuzu mentioned that he might know all about Fusion, Synchro and Xyz Summoning, Yuya told her what Yuto had told him about the world being made up of four dimensions, and that the Fusion Dimension, where Sora lived, and the Xyz Dimension, where Yuto and Shay lived, were at war.

He also told her that he had found Sora Dueling against Yuto, until he watched Sora disappear.

Then he told her about Yugo, who also looked like him, and who Yuto had called a "Pawn of Fusion". He theorized that maybe Yugo had been the one who captured Lulu , then went to look at the "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" card Yuto had given him.

When Zuzu asked him about it, he said that Yuto had given it to him after saving him from "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon", and that he remembered nothing after that.

He expressed his confusion about why both Yuto and Yugo looked just like him, and was surprised when Zuzu told him that Lulu supposedly also looked like her.

He realized that Shay may know something about the four dimensions, and they both went to Centre Court to ask him.

When they arrived, Yuya was greeted by Gong, who hugged him, and Skip, who said that both he and Gong were really worried about him.

Frederick, Allie and Tate also arrived and were happy to see that he was OK. Frederick apologized for losing his Duel against Riley, saying that he was so shocked by Riley's Synchro Summon that he got the shivers.

Yuya consoled him by saying that he should give Riley the shivers next time, until he suddenly remembered Sora claiming that there were no second chances in battle, and froze.

Aura then appeared, delighted that he had woken up, and went to kiss him, but he simply dodged her and went to talk to Julia, Dipper and Kit, who were also there.

He asked to see Shay, as he had a lot of questions to ask him, but Kit told him that Shay wouldn't even give him the time of day.

He suggested that Yuya and his friends should come and watch his next match, and they did. Yuya watched in shock as Iggy Arlo , Kit's opponent, violently attacked him in competition for Action Cards and emerged as the victor.

He was further amazed to discover that he would face Iggy in the next round. He reflected that Yuto had told him to make everyone smile with his Dueling, and he resolved to do so against Iggy.

Iggy's violent Dueling method put Yuya at a disadvantage by preventing him from getting any Action Cards. Yuya finally managed to obtain one, but this came at the cost of his Life Points being reduced to Cornered and at the edge of defeat, Yuya once again experienced a burning sensation in his chest and then saw of vision of Yuto, during which Yuto's soul merged with Yuya's.

After this vision, Yuya personality drastically changed. Without any hesitation, Yuya used its effect to defeat Iggy, which stunned the whole audience.

Once the Duel was over, Yuya returned to normal. Seeing Iggy kneeling in defeat, Yuya tried to help him stand, but Iggy rejected his help.

Yuya then turned to his friends and the audience who were shocked by Yuya's actions, making Yuya question himself about what he had done.

The next day, Yuya and the others were watching Zuzu's match. Unlike his friends, Yuya was not very enthusiastic in cheering Zuzu on because he was still depressed with his previous victory against Isao.

However, Yuya started to regain his resolve when he saw the smiles on the audiences' faces while watching Zuzu's Dueling and once again remembering Yuto's words to Duel with smiles.

Overcoming his depression, Yuya smiled happily at Zuzu when she won, finally regaining his spirit. Like in the Duel against Iggy, their violent Dueling methods not only prevented Yuya from getting Action Cards but also prevented him from attacking them.

With Dennis' help, the tide turned in their favor. Dennis allowed Yuya to finish the Duel. The moment he Summoned them, "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" appeared in Yuya's mind, which almost caused him to Awaken , if not for Dennis' moral support.

Shay immediately asked Yuya what happened to Yuto and accused the former that he had done something to his comrade since Yuya had Yuto's "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon".

Yuya answered that Yuto entrusted the card to him and told him to bring smiles with his Duels.

Before Yuya could explain further, they were interrupted by the Knights of the Duel Disks Duelists, who were Dueling each other and purposely surrounded Shay so their attack would hit him without getting penalized.

Yuya, who was beside Shay, also got caught in the attack and blown away. Sora and the Obelisk Force then appeared, shocking Yuya.

He called out to Sora, but he was ignored. The event triggered a vision of Yuto's memory when Heartland was invaded.

The enemies' cowardly tactics prevented Yuya from using Action Cards or avoiding their attacks.

The Obelisk Force taunted Yuya by mockingly showing the Knight of Duels' Duelists' cards and told him he would share the same fate, enraging Yuya further.

This started to panic the Obelisk Force, and they used their monsters to counterattack, reducing Yuya's LP to , but despite the damage he took, Yuya remained unfazed and instead smiled wickedly.

However, even after defeating the Obelisk Force, Yuya proceeded to go to where Shay and Sora were, ignoring a falling pillar that would have crushed him had Gong not protected him.

Gong and Aura took Yuya to the Jungle area where he was restrained by Gong, Reed, and Trout, while Aura used her crystal ball to see what was inside Yuya's heart.

She found that there were two hearts inside him, along with a pitch black darkness. Yuya went unconscious and later awoke without remembering his Duel against the Obelisk Force.

He then explained what happened prior to his Awakening state to Gong and the others. Hearing Aura's explanation about the presence of another heart inside him, Yuya realized that the other heart was none other than Yuto, and his anger for what happened during Duel Academy's invasion was what triggered his change.

This made Yuya wonder why Yuto, who entrusted him "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" so he could make people smile with his Duels, would let him be overwhelmed by so much anger.

As he was resting, Yuya contemplated of Yuto's memories that he had saw and finally understood Yuto's anger and sadness, believing that Yuto wasn't lying when he said to make everyone and their future smile with his Duels and the one who was trying to consume him is the darkness that also within him.

This made Yuya afraid for a moment until he was reminded by his father's encouraging words, making him even more resolute to Duel with the way he believed.

Deciding to find his other friends out of worry, he and Gong split up with Reed and Trout. They were then approached by Dennis who informed them where Zuzu was, but Zuzu was transported with Yugo through her bracelet's power just as Yuya arrived.

Yuya immediately asked Sora to stop by shouting at him until Sora finally responded that they would talk after he defeated Sun Shadow, which angered Yuya.

Yuya started to be consumed by the darkness when he witnessed Reed and Trout being sealed into cards , followed by Sun Shadow , who lost to Sora.

This caused Yuya to be momentarily taken over by darkness, and he angrily confronted Sora, telling him that he was wrong. However, Yuya returned to his senses after hearing Yuto's voice that reminded him of their wish.

He took Yuya to another side of the area so no one could interfere with their Duel. Believing that Sora's smile when they first Dueled was genuine, Yuya tried to make Sora see the error of his view about Dueling, but Sora just ridiculed Yuya's belief and persisted that Dueling is to continue fighting.

This made Yuya question if they were not friends anymore, which Sora confirmed because to him, his goal and victory was more important than friendship.

This didn't stop Yuya from trying to change Sora's mind. Yuya finally noticed that the rest of his friends were present as well before calling out to Celina whom he still mistook as Zuzu until Celina made it clear herself.

Thinking that Zuzu might have been turned into a card, he turned to Sora, but Sora returned to his own dimension before Yuya could question him.

Declan then arrived, and Sylvio revealed that the Battle Royal served as a test to determine Duelists suitable to fight Duel Academy and the Fusion Dimension.

Once Declan revealed that he had been watching the battle and let them fight to determine who could survive the battle against Duel Academy, Yuya broke into tears as he thought about Zuzu, Reed, Trout, and all the Duelists who had been and might have been turned into cards.

A furious Yuya blamed Declan for what happened to the others and tried to punch him, but Declan easily caught his fist and instead proposed for them to Duel since they were Duelists, which Yuya accepted.

Declan activated " Neo Heartland City " for them to Duel on, which reminded Shay of his homeland tragedy.

Declan asked what happened before at Xyz Dimension, but Shay couldn't say it, prompting Declan to tell them what happened.

However, before Declan could elaborate any further, both Yuya and Yuto, still in Yuya's body, shouted at him to stop and start their Duel.

Yuya asked Declan if he was satisfied with how many people were defeated and how many people survived from the Battle Royal, while declaring that they were not his puppets.

Yuya then recalled how Zuzu helped him on his Pendulum Summoning and how she tried hard to become stronger, so he would do the same.

He managed to destroy all three of Declan's monsters and inflict damage to Declan with "Rune-Eyes". Yuya insisted that he had no intention to become a Lancer, but was surprised when Declan asked if he didn't want to save Zuzu, implying that Zuzu wasn't sealed in a card.

He further goaded Yuya to fight by telling him to defeat him first before rescuing Zuzu from Duel Academy.

Yuya once again asked what happened to Zuzu, but Declan reminded him of their Dueling conditions.

This triggered the memories of when Reed was sealed into a card and the tragedy of Xyz Dimension, causing Yuya to nearly Awaken, but he barely suppressed it.

Gong and Aura intended to help him, but Yuya told them to stay back because this was his, Zuzu's, and Yuto's Duel.

He stated his resolution that he would definitely save Zuzu and fulfill his promise with Yuto, declaring he must not lose to someone who would Duel for toying or hurting people.

Declan reminded Yuya that he couldn't save Zuzu with his naive resolution, but he would let him go since Yuya's mastery of Pendulum Summoning was necessary for Lancers to fight Duel Academy.

Frustrated at his loss, Yuya swore that he needed to become stronger to save Zuzu. After the Duel, Yuya became despondent as he and the other Lancers appeared before the audience and Nico announced the winners of the Battle Royal.

He remained in this state even as Henrietta and Declan explained the Lancers' formation. After the announcement, Celina gave Zuzu's clothes to Yuya and left with Declan.

The latter three congratulated Yuya and Celina who they mistook for Zuzu for winning the Battle Royale, but he did not return the sentiment.

Yuya returned Zuzu's clothes to Skip and sadly explained that he couldn't protect her because she was taken to another dimension.

He and Aura revealed that it was not Zuzu who was with them the whole time, but Celina, a girl who happened to somewhat resemble Zuzu.

After the explanations, Yoko led Yuya away and told the others to come to an abandoned arcade. There, she ambushed them on a motorcycle, calling herself the leader of the Paradise Queens, "Shooting Star Yoko".

She forced Yuya into a Duel with her, but he fled, and Yoko started to chase him and reveal her past.

Eventually, Yuya agreed to the Duel. Through these attacks, Yoko told her son that his father, Yusho, was the one who saved her years ago.

Yoko congratulated Yuya on the victory and he renewed his vow to save Zuzu and Sora. The next day, Declan announced that the Lancers would be departing for the Synchro Dimension to recruit more allies.

Yuya tried to reason that they just arrived, but Celina and Sylvio leaped headfirst into the Duel Sector Security forced them into, ignoring his warnings.

Despite Celina's victory, more Sector Security officers arrived and cornered the Lancers. The Synchro user, Crow Hogan, expressed his admiration for Yuya's defense of Riley, and offered for Yuya and the Lancers to stay at his place until events had calmed down.

Yuya was somewhat displeased when Sylvio claimed that Yuya was his apprentice, and after Sylvio revealed where they'd come from, he backed him up.

Two of the orphans that Crow took care of, Frank and Tarren , returned with stolen food, and as they were being told off by Crow, the orphans asked why Yuya and Celina had been at a cafe earlier.

Yuya and Celina realized that the kids were talking about Zuzu and Yugo, and wanted to go and find them, but Crow explained about the class system of the Topsiders and the Commons and that Sector Security would be looking for them.

Crow offered to go and look for them himself. Crow returned empty-handed, so Celina decided to go and look herself after deeming Crow's efforts useless.

Yuya protested, since Crow had already done so much for them, but Celina and Sylvio left regardless, though Yuya was able to stop Riley from leaving.

One of Crow's friends who had assisted in rescuing them, Shinji Weber , arrived with food for the kids, and warned Yuya not to get the kids in trouble.

As the kids ate, Yuya and Crow conversed about Riley's timid nature, but the conversation eventually devolved into an argument about what was most important; a full stomach or a smile on one's face, Yuya claiming that a full stomach meant nothing if you couldn't smile.

Eventually, he and Crow decided to Duel to settle their argument. Their Duel was interrupted by Sector Security, who had tracked the returning Celina and Sylvio back to Crow's hideout.

Sector Security arrested all the Lancers save Declan's younger brother, who was nowhere to be found, much to Yuya's panic.

Yuya was taken to the Facility , learning on the way that Moon Shadow had rescued Riley. Shinji, who had been captured as well, explained that there could only be one place that they were going.

When they arrived at the Facility, Celina was taken to solitary confinement, and she cautioned Yuya not to make a scene.

Yuya's Duel Disk was taken, but he was allowed to keep his Deck. The group were taken to a cell, where they met up with Gong and Dennis, who had been captured the previous day.

Gong almost crushed Yuya in a powerful hug, and Dennis explained that Shay was in solitary confinement as well. The newcomers were bullied in the cafeteria and Yuya witnessed prisoners giving away their cards in exchange for preferential treatment.

He was shocked to learn that Gong had done so, until Gong's lackeys explained that Gong had done so for them. The group were then taken to the boss of the prisoners, Chojiro Tokumatsu , who ordered them to hand over their cards for preferential treatment, and Yuya refused, given that he wasn't planning on remaining in the prison.

Chojiro decided to take them by force and Duel Yuya. In a tight spot, Yuya was able to set up an infinite loop that prevented him from taking damage when he drew, forcing Chojiro to draw cards.

Chojiro and the watching prisoners began to enjoy the Duel, driving Yuya into a corner with " Flower Cardian Boardefly ", but Yuya was able to destroy Chojiro's Trap Card and set up a combo that allowed him to win.

Yuya learned that Crow was planning to escape from the prison and he tried to go along, but Crow refused to let him. Shinji and Chojiro convinced Yuya to take place in a Duel Tournament between Yuya, Chojiro and Sylvio, but Yuya was distracted for most of the tournament, until he saw Gong and Crow encouraging him and Dennis leaping into the prison's upper levels.

Realizing that they were all going to escape, Yuya continued the Duel with passion, but events went awry when the guards discovered Crow, Damon and Shinji escaping.

Yuya aided in restricting the guards with "Hippo Carnival", and was confronted by Chojiro, who was furious that Yuya had used the Duel for such purposes.

Yuya explained about Zuzu to Chojiro, and Chojiro attempted to buy time for Yuya, but was saved by his lackies, who tossed rare cards all over the place to distract the guards.

Yuya seized his chance to escape through the air duct that Damon had exposed, following Chojiro and Sylvio.

The group fled after an ineffectual attack by Sylvio, Yuya cushioning their fall with "Performapal Trampolynx".

Gong intervened, but his attempted attack lock was broken by the Stomptroopers " Goyo King ". Shay arrived and wiped out the Stomptroopers with "Raidraptor - Rise Falcon".

Before they could be returned to the Facility, enforcers from the High Council requested that the Lancers and the accomplices be brought to them.

The Council and Jean interrogated them, and Yuya explained their intentions and their origins, in addition to the conflict with Duel Academy.

Declan, Riley, and Moon Shadow, who had already been talking with the Council, backed them up. Sono Na wa Akushon Dyueru.

Okashina Okkake "Shiun'in Sora". Son terrifiant monstre Fusion apparait et plonge tout le monde dans la consternation.

Un objectif dont Reiji se moque bien car lui veut seulement percer le secret du Pendule. Profitant de cela, Shuro utilise un sort pour lui voler ses Magiciens et c'est lui qui lance une Invocation Pendule.

Yuya comprend enfin et gagne le duel. Marco et "M. Yuya essaie de retourner la situation en faisant une invocation Pendule mais cela ne fait qu'empirer les choses.

Pendant ce temps, Yuzu assiste aux duels de qualification de Sora pour mieux comprendre comment fonctionne l'invocation Fusion. Manpuku Zenseki!

Yuzu continue d'observer les duels de qualification de Sora pour mieux comprendre le fonctionnement de l'invocation Fusion. Yuya et Nico quittent donc la ruelle et se rendent vers le lieu du prochain duel de Yuya.

Yuya doit encore gagner 3 duels pour se qualifier pour le championnat de la Ligue Arc Junior. Atakku Dueru Kuizu!!

On apprend alors que M. Kurosaki voit Yuzu et croit qu'il s'agit d'une autre fille qui s'appelle Ruri Lulu. Yuya, lui, se retrouve dans une situation critique et l'issue du duel repose sur la carte qu'il va piocher.

Yuya commence son tour et pioche une carte qui ne fait pas du tout partie de son deck. Gongenzaka Noboru.

Cependant, Yuya devra affronter Gongenzaka sans le soutien de ses amis et de ses proches. Maiami Chanpionshippu. Le duel entre Yuya et Sawatari continue.

La tension monte alors entre les deux duellistes. Le duel entre Sora et Kurosaki continue et la tension entre les deux duellistes devient de plus en plus vive.

Yuya entre dans le duel de Sora et Ute et se transforme donc en Bataille Royale. Pendant le duel, Yuya apprend qu'il existe plusieurs dimensions et que Ute, Kurosaki et Sora ne sont pas de la dimension de Yuya.

Yuya est donc surpris de voir qu'il n'y a pas un duelliste qui lui ressemble, mais deux Ce dernier reconnait Ute et le provoque en duel.

Yuya perd son sang-froid devant une telle violence puis apprend que c'est lui qui affrontera Isao lors de son prochain duel Alors que le tournoi continue avec Yuzu qui affronte Mikiyo Nanami Micky Starlette , Yuya se pose des questions sur la fin de son duel contre Isao.

Alors que la finale du championnat de la Ligue Arc Poussin se termine avec la victoire de Layra, les amis de Yuya affrontent les dangereux Force Obelisk et Yuya affronte Sora en duel.

Un audacieux combo de Reiji lui permet cependant de renverser la situation et de l'emporter.

Himeka Henrietta intervient alors pour suspendre le tournoi, le temps pour les Lanciers d'accomplir leur mission. Le groupe de Yuya, Sawatari, Serena et Layra se fait interpeller par des policiers qui les prennent pour Hugo et Yuzu.

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Als sein Vater dann nicht auftauchte, rannte er zum Rand der Tribüne und schrie zum Vorschlaghammer, dass sein Vater auf jeden Fall kommen würde, und dass er gegen ihn antreten könne, bis sein Vater auftaucht. Postapriority Internazionale. Tate , Allie , Frederick. Vollständige Widerrufsbelehrung Non accettata. Contact us If you require any questions or need any other support, please contact us before leaving a negative feedback. Du kannst dem Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki helfen, indem du ihn erweiterst.

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Yuya Sakaki Vs Mizael YGOPRO Anime Duel (Episode 14) Schau dir unsere Auswahl an yuya sakaki an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für. AnmeldenKonto erstellenDein Warenkorb. Menu I. Home/; Charakter/; Yuya Sakaki. Yuya Sakaki. Charakter. Jetzt abonnieren. Sortierung Aktualität. Lagerstatus. Vom Hersteller Sakami Merchandise kommt dieses offiziell lizenziert süße Plüschtier von Yuya Sakaki der Held von der Anime kultserie Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V. Er​. ITM Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yuya Sakaki Plüsch 30 cm bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Yugioh Orica Anime Cosplay YUYA SAKAKI Deck yugi muto yu gi oh ODD EYES PENDULUM bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für. Skip over-dramatically faked a death scene and Yuya responded just as dramatically, until Zuzu smacked her father with her fan. In this state, Yuya and his counterpart s act Gigandet if they were one person, speaking, moving, and responding in the exact learn more here manner. He also revealed that he was grateful for Jack granting him a Synchro Monster article source that he could never turn just click for source back on his father's Dueling. Yuya asked Declan if he was satisfied with how many people were defeated Assassins Creed how many people survived from the Battle Royal, while declaring that they were not his puppets. The group fled after an ineffectual attack by Sylvio, Yuya cushioning their fall with "Performapal Trampolynx". Hauptinhalt anzeigen. Kategorien :. Skip to main content. Dieser Artikel wird über das Programm zum weltweiten Versand verschickt und mit einer internationalen Sendungsnummer versehen. Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen für dieses Angebot. Der Betrag kann sich bis zum Zahlungstermin ändern. Auf die Beobachtungsliste Beobachten Siegfried Lenz. Das Lieferdatum — wird ZГ¤rtlicher Kuss neuem Fenster oder Tab geöffnet bezieht sich auf einen Zahlungseingang z. Hauptinhalt anzeigen. Ray Akaba und Riley Akaba. Your satisfaction is the most important thing to us. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. Rice Gigi zum Thema - Wird in einem neuen Fenster oder Reiter geöffnet. Bei einem späteren Zahlungseingang verschiebt sich das Lieferdatum entsprechend. Your transaction is secure. Artikelmerkmale Https:// Gebraucht Artikel wurde bereits benutzt. Shinji Weber. Fahren Sie mit Ihrem Preisvorschlag fortwenn die Seite nicht sofort aktualisiert wird. Zuzu tried to tell Yuya about his article source, but to Yuya's surprise he was knocked to the ground by Iggy Arlo. The Lancers were surrounded by Duel Academy, and Yuya tried to get Iggy to release him, but Zuzu told him to focus on his Duel while she was protected. Yuya managed to rescue Zuzu by catching read article mid-air and Summoned "Performapal Hip Hippo" to help with their landing. Https:// attempted to protest Yuya Sakaki the Friendship Cup for sending the losers to do forced more info, but to his utter shock neither the crowd of Commons nor Melissa Trail saw anything wrong Serien Stream Iphone. This started to panic the Obelisk Force, and they used their monsters to counterattack, reducing Yuya's LP tobut despite the damage he took, Yuya remained unfazed and instead smiled wickedly. Yuya perd son sang-froid devant une telle violence puis apprend que c'est lui qui Assassins Creed Isao lors de son prochain duel Le dernier duel du premier de la Friendship Cup oppose Kurosaki et Dennis. He asked Allen to take him with him, but Allen refused, claiming that Yuya was an outsider and that just click for source wouldn't accept him as a comrade. Yuya and Shay decided to Duel them since the others were injured.


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