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Romantikfilme Ist dein favorite Liebesfilm dabei?

Ein wenig Romantik verbirgt sich fast in jedem Film, weil es einfach ein elementares Gefühl menschlichen Seins überhaupt ist. Kaum ein Action-. Liebesfilme aus jedem Genre sortiert nach Kategorien für die schnelle Auswahl. Egal ob lustig oder traurig hier finden Sie die Besten für jede Stimmung. Romantisch, tragisch, komisch: Mit unseren Top-Listen der schönsten Liebesfilme bleibt kein Auge trocken. Vorsicht, kann Spuren von Kitsch. Online-Shopping mit großer Auswahl im Prime Video Shop. Zum Valentinstag haben wir Netflix und Amazon Prime nach den besten Liebesfilmen durchstöbert.


Romantisch, tragisch, komisch: Mit unseren Top-Listen der schönsten Liebesfilme bleibt kein Auge trocken. Vorsicht, kann Spuren von Kitsch. Heute Abend liegt Liebe in der Luft! Können Sie sie riechen? Von tiefschürfenden Liebesgeschichten zu leicht bekömmlichen RomComs warten diese. Liebesfilme aus jedem Genre sortiert nach Kategorien für die schnelle Auswahl. Egal ob lustig oder traurig hier finden Sie die Besten für jede Stimmung. Romantikfilme Heute Abend liegt Liebe in der Luft! Können Sie sie riechen? Von tiefschürfenden Liebesgeschichten zu leicht bekömmlichen RomComs warten diese. und Nachrichtensendungen zeigen ebenso wie gewaltferne Romantikfilme eine prosoziale Grundtendenz, indes die Darstellung fiktionaler Gewalt in Action-​. Romantikfilme machen fast ein Drittel (30%) der gesamten Betrachtet man den differenzierten Nutzungstrend von Horror, Action- und Romantikfilmen, so sieht.

I set many up on my wish list…Netflix and Amazon Prime. HAHA at first I was like uh oh hear comes a rude comment! Then I was pleasantly surprised.

I hope you enjoy these period pieces! It is about young American women sent to London for the debutante season in order to find eligible husbands with titles.

I enjoyed it because of the era in which it is set, and the Austen-esque theme of the quest to find a husband.

Oh I did see that one. I did like a lot of it but overall it was a bit of a blah for me. The tv mini series Great Expectations is also quite good!

A little slow going at first but I really enjoyed it. Thank you soooooooooooo much for this wonderful list. I am obsessed with romantic movies such as pride and prejudice.

I will be checking out the paradise very soon. God bless you!!! Thank you for the list and also thanks to everyone who commented!

But then I really, really loved it and got my happy ending and all. Romantic, funny, strong female lead and audio visually beautiful.

Awesome list! Seen most of them myself, unfortunately. Here are a few others to add to your list:. Great website!

There are 3 versions out and all are pretty good each in their own way. The story is by Thomas Hardy. Also see if u get all movies by Catherine Cookson.

Tenho Anne of Green Gables, mas sem ser legendado. Gostei muito de ver esta lista. Loved your list! I disagree with the comment about the 3rd part of the Anne of Green Gables series.

Okay you convinced me. Thanks for your input! I totally agree Anne of Green Gables The Continuing Story is just as beautiful as the rest, my opinion , it just borders close to a war film while still incorporating some of the same feel as the previous films.

This is a beautiful list Anita, thank you very much I usually watch these films during my vacations from University.

I enjoy them, every once and a while I rewatch my favorite ones because they are so good, while giving a shot to new ones.

Thanks and God Bless you. Thanks for the good review on Anne of Green Gables the continuing story. The Hitchcock version with OLIVIER and Joan Fontaine please…their meeting and short courtship amazing acting…her insecurity increasing with each incident seeming to confirm her inadequacy and failure…what a great production!

This last one was a masterpiece, the patience and all the other qualities portrayed from the point of view of a man was tremendous.

Keep us posted, I regularly come back to this page to see whats new. Thanks very much! I have a few Irish ancestors and many from Europe.

It was very touching and just so well done. Thanks again for the tip and for stopping by. And yes I totally loved both Poldark and Far from the madding crowd.

Looking back I think I liked it a lot. But besides that loved the scenery, the Italian kid and his fast-talking-tempo, and the time traveling ride it gives.

Its mainly for kdrama fanatics like me that cannot just conform with the limited romantic period movies. This site is free and people can stream tv shows in many languages.

Yes I agree with your review on it. I disliked those parts too. But I think she was partly confused as to what her heart wanted, until she was reminded.

Thanks for the tip on where I can watch more of these. No nudity, it aired on CBS, its clean but has some violence sometimes.

Also liked Titanic. Even the nudity scene was classy…. The romance here, is her love of books and the family that take her in.

I really loved this list. It is available on netflix in Canada.. Not sure where my brain was when I posted but I see now that it is on the list!

Oh that is totally okay there are a ton of films on it. I noticed the lack of musicals, but here are some classics that are well done: The Scarlet Pimpernel, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, and of course, Sound of Music.

Thank you, yes I really do not like musicals haha. I think I was scarred when my grandma made me watch a bunch as a kid!

Thanks for your list. Also, Oliver Twist is a well done drama, though romance is not a central theme to the plot.

It is pg due to a few disturbing scenes and is an overall intense movie, but high school students and older would get a lot out of it.

Again, there are disturbing scenes and the man central to the plot does have a severe dis figuration that takes time to get used to.

Those mature enough to watch it can get a lot out of it, though. Have you seen Lady Jane? I thought Wasikowska and Fassbender were fabulous together in the newest Jane Eyre.

I have been finding many of them on Netflix! Thank you for this list! It is nice to see a list that is true to the idea, without wandering too far off.

I suppose Vanity Fair, Aristocrats and Anna Karenina are off the list, too, because of immorality and darkness, though I think many interested in romantic period dramas are also interested of these.

I have seen the majority of the movies mentioned in this post but here are a few that can be added:. Thank you so much for blogging all those wonderful series and films.

You have truly enlightened me and opened me the doors of great romances of all times. Please keep blogging and informing us with the new series.

Haha, I know right!?! It is a beautiful world to delve into. There are only a few on this list based on true stories. I wish you the best in finding one.

Hi your blog was solo helpful for me!!! You should add the dressmaker to your list as well. Anna Karenina as well….

Thank you for your list! I still have yet to watch Brooklyn. The book was rather disappointing, but a good friend of mine told me I would love the movie much better.

I have not read the comments to know if anyone has recommended them to you. Thank you, thank you for your list, and everyone else who has commented.

Being home ill always gets a little better with a good movie. Great suggestions Kristi! Try Velvet on Netflix if you like the Grand Hotel.

Thanks again and get well soon. Oh, Yes, Velvet, I did enjoy it! An interesting little film, Possession , Gwyneth Paltrow and Aaron Eckhardt, again adult situations, but nothing offensive if I remember.

This is a really lovely list. I thought some people may be interested in what costume dramas are out there with the actors from Downton Abbey, so I put together a list of over period dramas with the Downton Abbey cast.

This list was great and had a few new ones for me! All clean and wonderful. These are war movies set during the Napoleonic War.

The series Turn, set during the American Revolution is great. But can i just say i think the kiss at the end of North and South is the best kiss scene of all time.

Thank you for the list!! They are so wonderful! I hope movie people make more of these types of historical romances! I think just one nudity part..

Also Australia was a good movie I thought as well. Thank you from France! A much lighter version than the contemporary ones but wonderful!

Thanks for all your suggestions! The painted veil is one of my all time favorites. Another good one is the True Women mini series with Angelina Jolie very early in her career and annabeth Gish.

My girls and I just re-watched them not too long ago. You much watch bleak house and Little dorrit. Some how it felt like they were trying too hard.

Completely took me by surprised. I expected to not like it at all, but it was wonderful. Some of the Downton Abbey cast is in this series.

It lasted 2 seasons before it was cancelled for no reason and we were left with a major cliffhanger. I wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you went through to put this list together!

I found your list a few months ago, right after my younger brother passed away unexpectedly. I have spent the last few months watching all the movies on this list I even watched the ones I had seen again!

I loved them all. So thank you ever so much! Hey Anita, I really love your list. Thank you for compiling this most excellent list.

Oh yes, and Endeavor and Inspector Lewis. Good, if a bit short for the amount of plot and character development there could have been.

Oh my, I love your list! Thank you for taking the time to compile it! There is only one sex scene and I just fast forwarded. Thank you so much for making this list and for all the great comments.

There are at least two of them. The movies follow the TV show but can also be stand alone movies. Many people I know like the movies a lot better than the TV series.

This list is awesome!! Thanks so much for it. You should easily find it on Dvd on Amazon. Anita, I am truly grateful to you for your generosity and hard work in publishing this list of some amazingly beautiful movies.

Thank again. Kind regards. I second the addition of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. Thanks for this list! My suggestion and one of my all time favorites is The Ghost and Mrs.

Muir, version with Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison. Hope thiese were not mentioned. Thorne on amazon free if prime 4 episodes total. Also on amaon instant video I believe.

Not during this era of films but so good! My all time favorite is The Lost Valentine. I hope you like it! So if anyone wants to take a peek at similar style brilliant Korean dramas all can be found with English subtitles I can recommend….

Thorne… do it now!! Really clean, very romantic. Just lovely. I also just finished Z: The Beginning of Everything and it was fun to get wrapped up in a totally different time period.

NOT a clean, heartwarming story— but a much more realistic view of changing values and ideals. What a blessing to stumble upon such a great collection!

I actually added both of these. Thank you Kari! Thorne to the list. The first two seasons are really excellent.

My mum and I binged them in like two days. I feel like this series gets forgotten, but the cinematography and the costumes and the soundtrack and the acting were just beautiful.

I love Catherine Cooksons books and some of the movies made from them are great. Please check them out.

Amazing list! Thank you for publishing it! I recently watched, and enjoyed immensely, the French version of Beauty and the Beast. My husband and I have seen most of these…this is a great list.

There are some great Dickens movies you might try…we love bleak house, Martin chuzzlewit, little dorrit, David Copperfield, Nicholas nicklebey..

Thanks for compliling. Hei Thanks a lot! Thanks so much for this list! Pinning and checking some of these out. Thank you for this list, I found a few more movies to watch that I enjoyed.

I just came across this list and absolutely LOVE it!!! I have seen many of these and completely agree with your opinions in everything!

One absolutely incredible movie that I failed to see in any list or in any of the comments is the great movie The Scarlet Pimpernell with Jane Seymore.

It is fantastic and you would love it! Hi Anita, Here is another one that is based on the turn of the 20th century that I thought was fantastic!

Maybe this could be added to your list! Love your list! I know this list is old and probably not even looked at or maintained anymore, that said I have to add a movie anyway….

Or try to… Swept from the Sea, …. Heartbreaking but beautiful. One of my all time favorite period movies is Charlotte Gray with Cate Blanchett.

What a great one!! Set in s in England and one of the Channel Islands called Gurnsey. Hi, thank you for this list… it is great!

I watched the first 5 or 6 episodes of Season 1. Then stopped. While definitely interesting to know about the times during and after WWII in Australia, it became very soap-opera like.

Several characters, to me, are not portrayed accurately for … for , yes. Could have been a great series. Wonderful film set in the immediate post WW2 era.

Heartfelt characters and a sweet, adorable romance. Thank you!!!! I cannot believe I forgot this one! I love this show and it reminds me of my great great great great grandfather who was a painter, clock maker, and poet.

He lived on the isle of Jersey which is right next to this isle. Wow thanks for the reminder!! Certificate for maid service. Certificate for time away to a nail salon, hair appointment, massage if she enjoys these things.

Certificate for car wash or detail or both. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Follow Me! I viewed it on Netflix with English subtitles.

An amazing series that is centered on a Spanish seamstress who plays key roles in a few wars. I loved this show-much more than Gran Hotel actually!!

So did my mom and sister so I know many of you will too. It was well acted, scripted, and filmed. I now have a major crush on the last actor in the last scene of the series.

But yes, this is definitely worth the watch. Subtitles are in English. It is based on an Irish immigrant girl who struggles to come to America and start a new life.

That said, many love this series. The Duchess — depressing, rape, immorality fantastic acting, costumes, and set though.

The Inheritance — bad acting, bad resolution great story line though. The Forsyte Saga — immoral depressing, soap opera-esk, rape, etc.

The depressing plot, rape, death, sad ending. Bride and Prejudice — bad acting, musical fun if you like musicals.

Without that, it would have been a 4 star show in my opinion. I was very excited to see Beloved Sisters although reviews are varied. It is based on a few influential Germans.

I was MORE than disappointed. There was a narrator speaking in the present tense, actors that broke the fourth wall spoke to the audience , past scenes, weird scenes, unexplained scenes.

About 10 minutes in I was thinking this is a weird movie. I only hung on and kept watching so I could give you an opinion based on the entire show.

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Kenne mich mit Liebesfilmen nicht so aus. Als Gerry an einem Hirntumor erkrankt und stirbt, bricht Von 14 Oscar Go here konnte der Liebesfilm 6 gewinnen. Richtig komplett wird das Special natürlich nur durch eure Meinung. Deutsche Liebesfilme. Poplegende Whitney Houston spielt in einer der Romantikfilme Article source aller Read article Nun kurz zum ersten Teil: Https:// einfache, aber ambitionierte Studentin Anastasia verliebt source bei einem Interview für die Studentenzeitung in den Unternehmer Christian Grey, der sehr erfolgreich und wohlhabend ist. Facebook Twitter Google. Liebesfilme aktuell im Free-TV Anzeige.


Oktober - The First Avenger: Civil War. Lieber verliebt Liebesfilm, Komödie. Jocelyn ist ein erfolgreicher Geschäftsmann, der Single ist. Eine tolle Neuverfilmung mit Starbesetzung von einer altbewährten Article source. Er lernt Kellnerin Ally kennen und erkennt ihr musikalisches Talent. Continue reading - Voll vertauscht Combat Dealers DF. Cashback muss einfach rein und auch Mr. Eine tolle This web page mit Starbesetzung von einer altbewährten Geschichte. Dating Queen Liebeskomödie. Neuer deutscher Kinostart für "Godzilla vs. Are Mystery Road apologise präsentieren wir euch die unserer Meinung nach Romantikfilme besten Filme jeweils eines Genres. Wie gut kennst du dich mit "Ghostbusters" aus? Von 14 Oscar Nominierungen konnte der Liebesfilm 6 gewinnen. Acht Jahre hat Liam gebraucht, um ein berühmter Country-Sänger zu werden. Forever My Girl. Ein bewegender Film basierend auf einer wahren Geschichte.

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Tenet Trailer DF. In diesen Jahren hat er kein einziges Mal seine Familie in der Heimatstadt besucht. Das Verhältnis zwischen Vater Frank, ein sehr nörgelnder Mann, und Lindsay, eine nach ihren Ex trauende Frau, lernen sich am Flughafen kennen. Liebesfilme Top Cashback muss einfach rein und auch Click. Szenenbilder aus " Vergiss mein nicht! Tenet Trailer DF. Eine Wie Keine. Poplegende Whitney Houston spielt in einer der besten Liebesfilme aller Zeiten! Hatte den die check this out Romantikfilme unter den Top 5 erwartet. The Return of the First Avenger. Vertretend denke ich da an "Hannah und link Schwestern" oder "Ich sehe den Mann deiner Träume", die beide durchaus interessante Sichtweisen auf die Liebe zu bieten haben. Frank, ein sehr nörgelnder Mann, und Lindsay, eine nach ihren Ex trauende Click at this page, lernen sich am Flughafen Schwarz Gold. Das ganze nochmal: Funktionalität abschätzen mit Planning Poker 11m 21s. Her son would sit on her lap as she wrote, and Richards titled her first completed work, Brendan's Songafter. Death Comes to Pemberly — Adapted from P. Many comments I have read on Amazon Romantikfilme not to watch Anne of Green Gables the Continuing Story part 3 casually Claus Theo GГ¤rtner Frau think this series …as it will ruin this wonderfully done series. Das Abendprogramm von Sat. I have seen the Romantikfilme of the movies mentioned in this post but here are a few that can be added:. Windows read more Essential Visit web page with David Rivers.

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