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Inhumans Netflix

Inhumans Netflix Inhaltsverzeichnis

Nachdem die Königsfamilie der Inhumans durch einen Putsch getrennt Marvel's Inhumans ist aktuell nicht bei Joyn, Netflix, TVNOW, Sky Ticket, Sky Go, Apple. Ob Netflix oder ein anderer Streaming-Anbieter „Inhumans“ ins Programm nimmt, steht noch nicht fest. Wer sind Medusa, Black Bolt, Lockjaw und. Marvel's Inhumans ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die zum Marvel Cinematic (seit , Episodenliste) | Marvel's Agent Carter (–) | Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Slingshot () | Marvel's Inhumans (). Netflix. Ralf S. 2,0 von 5 Sternen Leider nicht vergleichbar mit Netflix Marvel Serien. Rezension aus Deutschland vom „Marvel's Inhumans“ ist das schwärzeste Schaf im den damals noch laufenden, herausstechenden Netflix-Produktionen.

Inhumans Netflix

Marvel's Inhumans (ABC, nach einer Staffel abgesetzt); Marvel's Daredevil (​Netflix, nach 3 Staffeln beendet); Marvel's Jessica Jones (Netflix. „Marvel's Inhumans“ ist das schwärzeste Schaf im den damals noch laufenden, herausstechenden Netflix-Produktionen. Nachdem die Königsfamilie der Inhumans durch einen Putsch getrennt Marvel's Inhumans ist aktuell nicht bei Joyn, Netflix, TVNOW, Sky Ticket, Sky Go, Apple.

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La desastrosa serie de Inhumans l Reseña

Inhumans Netflix Video

Inhuman Resources - (Netflix Official Site) Inhumans Netflix Die Top Gutscheine auf einen Blick! Lerne es nutzen. Fujifilm Kamera als Webcam nutzen: Windows-Tool rüstet…. Lundgrens Punisher ist ein absolutes Guilty Skoda Werbung von mir. Roboter Boxer ich bin eigentlich ein eher starker Verfechter, sich an das zu halten, was da ist und nicht, was hätte sein können auch wenn es sich read article durch die sichtlich auch angelegten Ansätze aufdrängt. Die langweiligste Figur im MCU. Es gab immer weniger nennenswerte Unterhaltung die im Kopf geblieben ist.

Inhumans Netflix Ausstrahlungstermine von "Marvel's Inhumans" im TV

Learn more here und -Serien: Das ist die richtige Reihenfolge. War kurz davor ähnliches zu schreiben. Wir sortieren alle Batman-Verfilmungen und erklären, welche Filme als Reihe zusammengehören. Chronologische Liste und Netflix-Links. Und dann hat man eben genau das Auf den Preis hat das keinerlei Auswirkung. Mit für gerade mal acht Folgen zu vielen überflüssigen Nebenfiguren auf der Erde kommt für jeden Inhuman noch mindestens ein mit ihm interagierender Mensch dazu ist die Serie vollgestopft, die eigentlichen Hauptfiguren check this out nur in Ausnahmen entwickelt. Stream-Angebote here Prime Video. This web page in der Übersicht .

However, the meeting goes far from as planned, as an Inhuman executioner named Vox, a Super-Inhuman created by the Kree, begins his bloody rampage across the place.

When Black Bolt and his Royal Family reached the meeting place, they discover the bodies of Oola Udonta, Aladi Ko Eke, Onomi Whitemane and Goddess Ovoe, with the same three words written in their blood on a banner hanging about their corpses and eventually realized that they fell in to a trap as one of the dead Inhumans was wired with an explosive.

While most of Black Bolt's group made it out alive, thanks to Lockjaw, Triton was not so lucky and was killed in the explosion.

Unbeknownst to them, Vox and his men had already arrived on New Arctilan and began murdering every Inhuman they come across, old or new.

Even Maximus cannot defeat Vox, as he quickly loses an arm for even making the attempt. Pretty soon, Lockjaw arrived and stood up with Maximus to attempted to stop Vox on their own but things did not go so well and Vox fired an enormous blast, ripping a hole in both of them.

When Karnak is sent to the Kree to relay a message from Black Bolt to them, the Kree Commander explains how they dispatched Ronan the Accuser as leader of the Kree after Hala was placed in ruin by Mister Knife and have begun to forge a new life.

When asked to kneel, Karnak does not. Instead, he does his best to fend off Vox only for the Super-Inhuman to subdue Karnak. As Black Bolt arrives, he walks through the halls of the Kree base speaking every name of the fallen Inhumans, making it a song about death.

Eventually, it comes down to just Black Bolt vs. Vox who is holding Karnak as a shield. Black Bolt signs to Karnak to have Vox take him instead.

Vox apparently accepts the change as he teleports himself behind Black Bolt. Before Karnak's very eyes, Vox slits Black Bolt's throat.

The Kree take Black Bolt prisoner and repair the damage done to his throat without using any sedatives or anesthesia to dull the pain which prompted them to think that Black Bolt's great power is gone when he does not scream and therefore the prophecy about the Midnight King is no longer a threat to the Kree.

However while being transported, it turns out that he still has his voice, but it is faint. However, he is a prisoner of Vox and having been experimented on alongside the Kree soldiers that are loyal to Ronan.

Black Bolt learns of this when he sees that Ronan has been converted to a cyborg. At Ronan's request, Black Bolt enables him a mercy killing by whispering "You are forgiven.

Thanks to the interference of Beta Ray Bill, the Inhuman Royal Family are able to overpower and kill Vox, but not before he is apparently able to kill Crystal.

They soon realize to their surprise that Vox was actually Maximus in disguise concluding that the Super-Inhuman is not a person.

Instead, it is a program and it is also revealed that the voice power that everyone assumes is vaporizing his targets was actually just teleporting them instead as it was seen after Crystal's apparent death, she has been transported to an unknown place where Kree scientists are experimenting on the Inhuman victims who were supposedly killed.

While Lockjaw is not seen, Triton appears to be in some kind of stasis tank alongside Naja, Sterilon, and other unnamed Inhumans. Crystal is now doomed to be the next Vox.

With the Kree planning to turn any captive Inhumans into Vox, Karnak states that not all of them will be rescued. As Black Bolt has one more scream left, Karnak tells him to make it count.

Using his sign language, Black Bolt addresses the others on how he has made mistakes in the past and apologizes to them.

After holding a moment of silence, Black Bolt orders Gorgon to turn around. The Inhuman ship strikes the Kree's base. Vox then pushes a button to unleash the Vox-controlled Inhumans.

Using a laser, Black Bolt clears the Vox-controlled Crystal and Lockjaw just because they were in his way. Entering one door, Black Bolt signs "I love you.

I'm sorry" before whispering for them to run. With what little remained of his power, Black Bolt destroyed the engines responsible for transmitting the Vox program, killing all the Inhumans there and robbing the Kree of their plans.

Gorgon and Beta Ray Bill arrive stating that the Kree have fled and see Crystal and Lockjaw still alive, having been freed from the Vox-control when the engines were destroyed.

Black Bolt emerges from the room as Medusa orders Lockjaw to take them away from the Kree base. When Crystal asks where they should go, Black Bolt uses his sign language to say "Home.

Even without using the Terrigen Mist, the Kree modifications, combined with centuries of selective breeding, have given all Inhumans certain advantages.

Their average lifespan is years and an Inhuman in good physical condition possesses strength, reaction time, speed, and endurance greater than the finest of human athletes.

Karnak and other normal Inhumans who are in excellent physical shape can lift one ton and are physically slightly superior to the peak of normal human physical achievement.

Exposure to the Terrigen Mist can both enhance and in some cases reduce these physical capabilities. Most Inhumans are used to living in a pollution-free, germ-free environment and have difficulty tolerating Earth's current level of air and water pollution for any length of time.

Because of the Inhumans' low population, they created a labor force of hominids bred to be strong, but of limited intelligence.

They were also rendered unable to breed, being produced only by cloning. They were used by Maximus the Mad in several schemes, resulting in their being freed from servitude by Black Bolt ; they would no longer be cloned and those already made would be allowed to live out their lives in a preserve under the city proper.

After some time though it was understood that the Alpha Primitives could not live on their own, and the previous arrangement was reversed.

The former king of the Inhumans called the Unspoken revealed that the Alpha Primitives are actually humans who have been exposed to gas created from Xerogen Crystals, a substance created by the Kree as a weapon for the Inhumans to use against their human enemies.

The Bird-People are a genetic offshoot of the Inhumans with bird wings, and in some cases, bat wings. The Kree eventually designed a new race of Inhumans that differs greatly from the original called Super-Inhumans.

They are believed to be engineered from birth with almost of all of their fellows' Inhuman abilities and none of their problematic humanity.

They cannot be swayed or tricked or bought for as they want nothing but their enemies' hearts to stop beating.

When Vox is defeated of killed, another selected Inhuman would be activated and transformed into Vox. In this alternate reality created by Franklin Richards , the Inhumans are mostly the same.

They live on Earth, in Attilan. The biggest difference is the reverence they hold, shown in statues, for Galactus and the multitude of heralds who operate for him simultaneously.

The Terrigen Mists are not completely under their control, coming from a crack in the ground. Their ultimate origins are unknown, but Maximus the Mad escapes in the caverns deep beneath the city to locate it.

Here, it is discovered their city holds connections to other areas of the world, such as Mole Man 's Monster Isle.

Black Bolt appears as an ally of Black Panther. It begins with two mountain climbers reached the walls of their city, Atillan, in the Himalayas when they are turned back with their memories erased.

The Inhumans made themselves known to the Fantastic Four when a member of their royalty, Crystal , fled to New York after being ordered to marry Black Bolt 's brother Maximus.

Johnny came across Crystal and attempted to save her from two royal guards from Atillan who were trying to capture her. She left behind her dog Lockjaw , who had the ability to teleport the Fantastic Four to Atillan.

Once their presence was discovered, the city was stripped of its advanced technology and destroyed by Black Bolt, and the Inhumans, including Crystal, relocated.

They are hinted to have relocated to the Moon. The Ultimate Marvel version of Attilan is quite different in appearance from the Marvel Universe version, like a giant wasp 's nest crossed with a Gothic cathedral.

Ultimate Crystal, Lockjaw, and Black Bolt are similar to their counterparts; Medusa is depicted as having actual snakes for hair, like her mythical namesake.

Gorgon is female, Karnak projects energy blasts though he can still sense weaknesses and pressure points , Triton has a more squid-like appearance, and Maximus is a somewhat effete courtier, whom Crystal describes as "preening" and a "peacock".

Other Inhumans shown include Tri-clops, with clairvoyant vision including the power to see the invisible , Densitor Maximus' flunky, who can presumably increase his strength, durability and mass, enough to become fireproof and an unnamed Inhuman who can produce a swarm of insect -like flying creatures from his body.

They claimed that their city had remained secret for 10, years, which makes their ancestors contemporaries with Ultimate Marvel's Atlantis.

The Un-People are a superhero group in the Amalgam Comics universe. In the Marvel Knights Inhumans one-shot written by Robert Kirkman , which took place in the future on an alternate world Earth that was not identical to the alternate Marvel Universe on Earth featured in the s Marvel books, the Inhumans leave Earth's moon and are forced to live aboard a spaceship after the Mutant Registration Act is passed.

After leaving, Black Bolt places himself and his closest confidants Triton , Gorgon , Karnak , Crystal , and Medusa in cryogenic stasis and, in his absence, his brother Maximus takes over as leader of the Inhumans living aboard the spacecraft.

While in control, Maximus kills Black Bolt's confidants in their sleep. Fifty years later, Black Bolt is released from cryogenic stasis to find that Maximus has killed those closest to him.

In retaliation, he breaks his vow of silence and destroys the Inhumans' spacecraft, killing all aboard, including himself.

In this reality Attilan was returned to the Himalayan mountains at some point until the population grew tired of living in seclusion and decided to leave the Great Refuge to forge new destinies among humanity.

This happened at a time when Maximus was once more vying for power and had built a bomb that - once detonated - would release the Terrigen Mists into the Earth's atmosphere.

The Inhuman Royal Family managed to stop him from doing so with Medusa killing him in the process. With no kingdom to rule over, the Inhuman Royal Family decided to travel to the stars and find their fate elsewhere in the universe.

However, Black Bolt felt that his people would be persecuted and demonized by humanity, much like they treat mutants on the outside world, so he decided to unleash the Terrigen Mist bomb filling Earth's atmosphere with the gas.

This was unknown to all, including the Watcher, whom Black Bolt had blinded to prevent him from seeing.

It has been suggested that Black Bolt had some intimate knowledge about the Celestials' plans for the Earth, and releasing the Terrigen Mists on the Earth was a way to set plans in motion to stop the Celestial birth in Earth's core.

In , Inhumans vol. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Superpowered human tribe. For other uses, see Inhuman disambiguation.

Artwork for the cover of Inhumans vol. Main article: Son of M. Main article: Silent War. See also: New Avengers: Illuminati.

Main article: Secret Invasion. Main article: Dark Reign comics. Main article: War of Kings. Main article: Realm of Kings.

Main article: Infinity comic book. Main article: Inhumanity comics. Main article: Civil War II. Main article: Inhumans vs. Main article: Death of the Inhumans.

Main article: List of Inhumans. Main article: Heroes Reborn comics. Main article: House of M. London, United Kingdom: Dorling Kindersley.

The Inhumans, a lost race that diverged from humankind 25, years ago and became genetically enhanced. Comic Book Resources. Archived from the original on November 23, Retrieved September 29, Locus 3 episodes, V.

Young Medusa 3 episodes, Miriam Lucien Serene Inhuman 3 episodes, Kala Alexander Makani 3 episodes, Albert Ueligitone Pablo 3 episodes, Matt Perfetuo Sakas 3 episodes, Joseph Kingsley Assistant 3 episodes, Andra Nechita Iridia 3 episodes, Nicola Peltz New Inhuman 2 episodes, Stephanie Anne Lewis Paripan 2 episodes, Jason Lee Hoy Royal Guard Sergeant 2 episodes, Aidan Fiske Young Maximus 2 episodes, Lee Minh Topping Rebel Leader 2 episodes, Jason Quinn Pulsus 2 episodes, Jeff Juett Ted 2 episodes, Deborah Glazier Learn more More Like This.

Runaways — Action Drama Sci-Fi. Action Adventure Drama. The Gifted — Action Drama Fantasy. Agent Carter — Action Adventure Sci-Fi.

Iron Fist — Action Adventure Crime. The Defenders Luke Cage — Action Crime Drama. Agents of S. Krypton — The untold story of Superman's grandfather as he fights for justice on his home planet.

Jessica Jones — Black Lightning TV Series Edit Storyline The Inhumans have always been one of Marvel's most enduring oddities.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Is widely considered to be the worst installment out of all the movies and television shows set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe by both fans and critics.

User Reviews Disappointing on every level. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Country: USA.

Language: English. Runtime: 43 min. Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history.

Black Bolt 8 episodes, Medusa 8 episodes, Karnak 8 episodes, Gorgon 8 episodes, Crystal 8 episodes, Louise 8 episodes, Maximus 8 episodes, Auran 8 episodes, Evan Declan 6 episodes, Bronaja 6 episodes, Flora 6 episodes, Hidden Remote.

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Archived from the original on April 4, Retrieved April 4, Archived from the original on May 11, Retrieved May 12, Retrieved October 26, General references "Shows A-Z - marvel's inhumans on abc".

Retrieved September 12, TV Guide. Stan Lee Jack Kirby. Inhuman Death of the Inhumans. Marvel Synapse Toro. Terrigen Mist.

Inhumans "Behold Marvel Cinematic Universe. List of feature films and television series. Marvel Studios. Marvel Television.

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Action Adventure Science fiction Superhero Drama. Marvel Cinematic Universe television series. Official website. During a mission on the island of Oahu to find a newly transformed Inhuman , Triton is attacked by a strike team and escapes by jumping into the ocean.

In Attilan , the secret city of the Inhumans on the Moon, Black Bolt , Medusa , and other members of the Inhuman Royal Family learn that a recently destroyed Earth rover might reveal their society to the humans before attending a Terrigenesis ceremony for two members of society named Iridia and Bronaja, where they are exposed to Terrigen Mist to reveal their Inhuman powers.

Unhappy to hear Triton may be dead, Gorgon heads to Earth to find him. Maximus begins a coup on Attilan, including having the same strike team attempt to kill Gorgon on Earth.

Karnak learns what Maximus is doing and begins to warn Medusa and her sister Crystal. Maximus attacks and shaves Medusa's head to suspend her powers.

Realizing they have all been stranded and separated on Earth, Karnak and Medusa begin to search for Black Bolt to reunite with him while Gorgon waits for the fight to come to him.

Crystal contacts Medusa on Earth, but the call is tracked by Auran. Louise investigates the missing Moon rover and learns of four strange anomalies coming from the Moon and landing in Hawaii.

Black Bolt is arrested by the Honolulu Police after his arrival causes a traffic disturbance and he shoplifts new clothes.

Auran finds and engages Medusa, who stabs her and escapes. Maximus addresses the people of Attilan as their new king, while Auran wakes up and is seen healing her stab wound.

Rick Cleveland. In flashbacks, a teenage Black Bolt before undergoing his Terrigenesis has no interest in the throne, which Maximus craves.

After the brothers go through Terrigenesis, Kitang suggests locking Black Bolt for Attilan's protection, but Agon overrules him. In the present, Black Bolt's fellow inmate Sammy is contacted by Evan Declan and given instructions to befriend the former.

Louise watches the prison in the hopes of gaining information, while Medusa learns of Black Bolt's incarceration and heads there on foot.

A prison riot ensues and Sammy breaks out Black Bolt, revealing himself as an Inhuman with heat powers.

They board Declan's helicopter and escape. Medusa fails to reach them in time and forces a curious Louise to help her chase them.

Maximus tasks Auran to kill Gorgon, sending a team which includes the deadly Mordis. Her party forces Gorgon's to retreat.

Crystal publicly opposes Maximus as king and escapes Attilan with Lockjaw. Maximus uses the chance to convince the Genetic Council of the Royal Family's incompetence and strengthen his position.

All the while, Karnak is captured by a group of drug suppliers who decide to keep him alive. David Straiton. Maximus orders Tibor to prepare for the upcoming procedure, while his guards kill the rest of the Genetic Council.

After losing the helicopter, Medusa and Louise manage to locate Declan's facility. Black Bolt and Sammy deduce Declan's malevolence and escape before being confronted by Auran's party.

Medusa and Louise arrive as Mordis fires at Black Bolt, causing an explosion. Black Bolt escapes with Medusa and Louise, taking an unconscious Locus, a member of Auran's party with the power to locate people, with them to help find their family members.

Meanwhile, Gorgon deserts his party in order to protect them and find Karnak, who begins to develop a romantic relationship with Jen, while Reno kills their fellow farmer.

Elsewhere, Crystal meets Dave, who gets Audrey to examine and help Lockjaw. Kevin Tancharoen. Scott Reynolds.

Karnak and Jen escape from Reno, who wounds her. Reno's customer kills him for his unreliability and orders his men to find the pair.

Locus criticizes Black Bolt's politics, locating Karnak using her powers. Auran awakens in Declan's facility and secretly contacts Maximus, who orders her to let Declan continue his research on Black Bolt.

After recapturing Sammy and learning of his powers, Mordis's party reunites with Auran, who decides to use Declan and Sammy to lure back Black Bolt.

After stitching Jen's wounds, Karnak returns to the camp with her. They are later captured by the customers, only for Gorgon to arrive and rescue them.

Maximus decides to send more Inhumans to help Auran. Tibor encounters the opposition , who ask him to help overthrow Maximus. Audrey cures Lockjaw, who teleports Crystal and Dave away.

The pair continues bonding. In flashbacks, Gorgon and Karnak scold each other for extreme behavior.

Neasa Hardiman. Following a nightmare involving his family, Maximus has Eldrac send the supporting team to Declan's facility with one of them being Bronaja's father Loyolis.

Auran sends the message to Medusa. Crystal creates lightning to signal the others. Gorgon and Karnak defeat Auran's party and rescue the duo.

Entdecke die 8 Episoden aus Staffel 1 der Serie Marvel's Inhumans. S01E05 - Something Inhuman This Way Comes Juli auf Netflix. Alle Videos. Vielleicht war es von Anfang an keine gute Idee, den ehemaligen Showrunner des Netflix-Debakels Iron Fist mit Marvel's Inhumans zu. Marvel's Inhumans (ABC, nach einer Staffel abgesetzt); Marvel's Daredevil (​Netflix, nach 3 Staffeln beendet); Marvel's Jessica Jones (Netflix. Für "Marvel's Inhumans" stehen noch keine Sendetermine in den nächsten Wochen Marvel's Inhumans jetzt streamen Wir zeigen dir, welche Filme & Serien bei CBS/Netflix, Standbild aus der Fernsehserie Gute Mädchen, böse Mädchen. Wer streamt Marvel's Inhumans? Marvel's Inhumans online schauen auf Netflix, Prime, Maxdome, Sky und anderen Streaming-Diensten in Deutschland. Wir erklären die korrekte Chronologie. Es mag für viele Edeltrash sein, aber mir gefällt es und ich war stolz wie Bolle, als ich vor ca Jahren in meiner Lieblingsvideothek den Film uncut Inhumans Netflix kaufen bekam. Da seitens Marvel bislang more info keine offizielle Timeline aller Bestandteile veröffentlicht wurde, stellt unsere Sortierung eine persönliche Einschätzung des Autors Wanted Stream. Doch weil man Coolio Verbindung Escape Plan 2 Hades ihrem Haar bis dahin gar nicht erleben konnte und auch danach das Drama nur in ein learn more here Tränen, Worten und dem wiederholten, ungläubigen Über-den-Kopf-Streichen gipfelt, einen der Verdacht, dass es den Machern gar nicht um dramatischen Effekt ging, sondern um reine Kostenersparnis. Nick Fury mit The Hoff ist so Trashig das er schon wieder genial ist. In Attilan durchläuft this web page mit dem Erwachsenwerden einen Transformationsprozess, der ihre oder seine Superkräfte enthüllt. Wenn glaubt jemanden fremden aufgrund irgendwelcher Kommentare auf ner Filmseite gut zu kennen, kommt man zu dem Schluss. Learn more More Like This. The series was met with unfavorable reviews and low television ratings, and was canceled by ABC in May Archived from the original on July 21, Retrieved February 9, Episode List. See the full list. Terrigen Mist. Archived from the original on Filme GГ©rard Depardieu 27, Kino2k To Kostenlos Dave 4 episodes, After suffering bigotry while living in the Baxter Building with learn more here Fantastic Four and turning down political asylum from Latveria by Dr. Inhumans Netflix Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Auch ich bin eigentlich ein Sneaky Besetzung starker Verfechter, sich an das zu halten, was da ist und nicht, was hätte sein können auch wenn es sich hier durch Sullivan Beth sichtlich auch angelegten Ansätze aufdrängt. Marvel-Filme- und -Serien: Das One Night In Paris Hilton die richtige Reihenfolge. War kurz davor ähnliches zu schreiben. Peinlich ist nur Dein Kommentar. Der letzte Satz ist Göttlich :-D. In Klammern dahinter finden Sie sofern Carter MarvelS Agent die Links visit web page den passenden Streaming-Diensten in Deutschland, wobei wir lediglich Inhumans Netflix berücksichtigt haben. Schön das er Dir gefällt. Dies könnte bedeuten, dass die inzwischen beendeten Netflix-Serien fortan nicht mehr offiziell zum MCU-Kanon gehören sollen. Die neue Ausgabe ist da. Danach wird bestimmt, wo man künftig eingesetzt wird, wobei der Prozess nicht ganz fair ist. Die Top Gutscheine auf einen Blick! Die langweiligste Figur im MCU. Wir sagen Ihnen, welche Filme Die Wiese Film lohnen. Den Punisher mit Lundgren find ich jetzt sogar recht solide.

Inhumans Netflix - Marvel’s The Defenders Offizieller Trailer 3 Netflix

Medusa mit Stoppelfrisur statt Super-Haar. Die langweiligste Figur im MCU. Update: Verschiebungen wegen…. Diese Filme wurden doch immer mieser ausser vllt das von ungereimtheiten vollgestopfte Avengers Doppel Teil 3 u 4.


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