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Suits Episode Guide

Suits Episode Guide Erinnerungs-Service per E-Mail

Suits Episodenguide. Alle Staffeln der Serie Suits. Episodenanzahl: Folgen; Start in den USA: Juni ; Deutschlandstart. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Episodenführer Season 6 – Mike stellt sich auf das Leben im Gefängnis ein. Derweil müssen Harvey, Jessica, Louis, Donna und Rachel mit den Folgen von. April ↑ Suits: Staffel 1, Episodenguide. In: Abgerufen am April Suits (engl. Anzüge; außerdem engl. (law)suits für Klagen, Prozesse) ist eine In dieser Episode muss Mike in einem Fall gegen Harvey (Gabriel Macht) und Samantha (Katherine Heigl) antreten. Suits Staffel 4 Episodenguide. Abgerufen.

Suits Episode Guide

Suits (engl. Anzüge; außerdem engl. (law)suits für Klagen, Prozesse) ist eine In dieser Episode muss Mike in einem Fall gegen Harvey (Gabriel Macht) und Samantha (Katherine Heigl) antreten. Suits Staffel 4 Episodenguide. Abgerufen. Staffel der Anwaltsserie Suits feierte ihre Premiere am beim USA Network. In der finalen Staffel müssen die Anwälte der Kanzlei Zane Specter Litt​. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel.

Both Alex and Samantha are invested in order to solidify their claim to become the next name partner, which introduces Specter Litt's lawyers to Samantha's tactics.

Donna helps Harvey see that he is tired of the view on top of the mountain, making him concede to Robert. Katrina asks to be tasked with firing the least efficient associates, but it gets complicated when Louis's favorite associate Brian ends up at the bottom of the list.

Michael Smith. An old friend of Mike's comes knocking for help when 50 million dollars for a new business venture goes missing, meaning he might be accused of embezzlement.

Harvey suspects that his business partner made the money disappear, but Robert fears he is too trusting of Mike's friend and secretly puts Samantha on the case as well.

While the two lawyers bicker over the right strategy to find the guilty party, Donna enlists the help of Gretchen to find out who exactly Samantha is and whose team she is playing for.

Sheila urges Louis to fight for managing partner, which brings to light Louis's concerns about their relationship dynamics. Meanwhile, Alex sets out to prove his worth for name partner by attempting to poach Gavin Andrews, one of Robert's former important clients from Rand Kaldor.

Harvey finds out that the firm's cleaning lady does not receive the payments for her overtime, which she need for her mother's medical costs, because of a manager title given to her by David Fox, the firm's landlord.

While the other name partners and Donna tell him not to, he starts a fight with Fox. Alex is successful in signing Gavin Andrews but he is immediately tasked with carrying out a plan set up by Gavin to launder money.

Alex pleads with Samantha to help him find a way out without firing him as a client, which would backfire on the new firm's reputation.

Later, Samantha informs him that Robert promised her name partner. Meanwhile, Katrina is given the chance to prove her worth for senior partner by showcasing leadership over Brian, but Brian has to step up when stress-induced migraines take her out of the game.

Louis and Sheila are trying to conceive. While on his way to dinner with a client and Robert, Louis is mugged. His pride prevents him from telling Robert what truly happened.

Robert then assigns Louis' client to Samantha as a punishment, but the two end up working the case together. Samantha notices he is behaving oddly and informs Harvey of this, leading to Harvey providing a safe place for Louis to come clean, even though Samantha ends up the most valuable support of all by teaching Louis self-defense.

Harvey helps Alex sign a new client to improve his standing with Robert, who doesn't like the way they pulled it off and demands that Alex either drop the client or forget about making name partner.

Donna helps Robert see that his micro-managing caused his previous partners to stab him in the back, suggesting he do things differently this time around.

Alex's daughter Joy is suspended from school and she spends the day at the office. Since she is acting out, Alex asks Samantha to keep an eye on her as she is the cool one from Joy's perspective.

After they bond over similar experiences, Samantha ends up using Joy for her deposition, which rubs Alex the wrong way. Following a confrontation, Samantha realizes what she did was wrong and tells Joy that her father is the cool one.

Later, Alex informs Samantha about Harvey's promise to him and they openly declare a competition for name partner. Harvey leaves to represent his brother when his sister-in-law files for divorce, which becomes a painful reminder of his family's secretive behaviors.

Meanwhile, after Sheila asks him to get a fertility check-up, Louis is told to forego mudding to increase the chances of conceiving.

Emile Levisetti. After hearing that his brother's divorce is still happening, Harvey lashes out at Louis when he asks Harvey to fill in for him at a meeting so he can spend the afternoon with Sheila.

Louis then decides it is time for the two of them to work on their relationship. After a shared session with Lipschitz goes wrong, Harvey goes to therapy by himself and comes to realize he's afraid that Louis will leave him once he has a baby, like Jessica, Mike, Rachel, and his sister-in-law have left him.

Alex recommends Samantha for a pro bono case that Donna holds close to her heart because her best friend's charity is involved. The fragile friendship between Samantha and Donna is threatened when the former suspects something shady is going on and acts on her instincts behind Donna's back.

Katrina learns the value of friendship when Brian assists her on the case that will determine her future as senior partner.

David Fox enlists a reluctant Harvey's help to buy a building from his competitor without him knowing he is behind it, which leads to Harvey discovering the reason behind David's tough exterior.

Donna asks Samantha to join in on the case to make up for Harvey's reluctance as well to create a family bond between the lawyers in preparation for the upcoming divisive name partner vote.

Alex joins Robert at his vineyard when the latter wants to sue the man who was supposed to deliver barrels for his wine, but in failing to do so caused all of Robert's wine to turn sour.

Robert suspects racist motivations behind the delay in delivery and has a hard time accepting Alex's advice. A false-positive pregnancy test causes Louis and Sheila to discuss how they will raise their child concerning their different religions.

Samantha plans to impress Robert by poaching client from her old boss Eric Kaldor, but he backs her into a corner by threatening to reveal that she once buried evidence, which she did to keep an innocent woman out of jail.

Samantha plans to silence Eric's smoking Gun, Betty Palmer, a former colleague of hers who tried to stop her back in the day and whose career Samantha destroyed in response.

Samantha has to accept defeat when Harvey, who has been helping out on the case, puts his foot down and refuses to let her once again destroy Betty's life.

Louis is thrown for a loop when Sheila's top fertility specialist turns out to be his high school bully, making him turn to Lipschitz for guidance.

After a mistake of hers costs Alex a client despite calling in all possible favors, Gretchen contemplates retiring. Tommy Bratton comes for Zane Specter Litt with a lawsuit claiming that Robert and Harvey conspired to bribe Frank Gallo into entering fabricated evidence.

Professional tensions between Samantha and Alex rise when they end up on opposing sides of Dexhart Insurance vs.

Gavin Andrews, but Robert orders one of them to drop their client in order to present a united front against Bratton.

However, when it becomes clear that Samantha goaded her client into suing Gavin, tensions reach an all-time high and all name partners are drawn in when the case re-ignites the burning question of who will be made name partner.

Katrina is officially made a senior partner and she requests Brian to become her associate. Together, they take on a big fashion company knocking off a small designer's work, which forces Katrina to face her growing feelings for Brian when he saves her from opening herself up to exposure.

Robert and Harvey agree to let Samantha and Alex go up against one another in court in order to decide who will make name partner.

Flashbacks reveal that, with the FBI pushing her to deliver evidence, Samantha once saved Robert's career by engineering a takeover when their old firm's name partners implicated Robert in their money laundering.

Samantha deliberately recused herself since it was not her time yet, thus resulting in Robert owing her.

While Alex wins the case due to Samantha showing Gavin Andrews some mercy for his family, Samantha presses Robert to disregard the agreement and promote her anyway.

Aware that the battle is about to tear the firm apart, Donna orchestrates a plan to make Louis managing partner and have him promote both Alex and Samantha, who agree in order to finally establish a united front in the firm.

Sheila gets a chance at being promoted to dean and announces that she is pregnant. Harvey and Robert work on a case against Andrew Malik, who had Jessica disbarred.

Harvey tells Louis about the case and Louis tells him that he trusts Harvey will win. Louis gives the contract issue to Alex and Donna handles finding a General Counsel.

Donna finds a new General Counsel for Thomas's company. Malik is bringing charges against a boxing promoter named Jeff Allen.

Ricky has brain damage from years of boxing. There is romantic tension between them who find themselves unusually attracted to each other.

Neither is able to fight it off entirely, nor are they able to take it to the next step. Louis asks Harvey to get Steve as client. A game of poker brings Harvey and Louis together to land Steve as client which Harvey wins but meanwhile they both understad that they need to go hand in hand.

Samantha and Alex's wife form a bond over a case. Alex told Samantha that he will stay out of the case because that could cost them their relationship.

Alex convinces Samantha and they win. Harvey and Donna are caught in the situation when their former tenant Stu is being blackmailed by his workmate Nick over stock manipulation , which affects the firm.

Harvey goes to Sean Cahill. In the end though, Harvey and Sean end up working together after all to take down Nick over blackmail.

Samantha ends up meeting with a familiar face with Judy. Judy wants to help other unfortunate kids but she kept trying to save Samantha.

This just means they cannot be around each other anymore. Feeling lonely, Harvey makes a call to Mike and leaves a heartfelt message.

Katrina and Samantha are working on a case when the two are blindsided by Scottie in court. Samantha swears revenge on Scottie.

She discovers the dirt on Scottie. Harvey came to Scottie with a settlement, but she rejected his offer. Meanwhile, Mike is assigned his first solo case and his secret is almost discovered.

S1, Ep5. Harvey is a witness for his driver in a civil suit, and has to rely on Louis for help. Mike bails his old friend Trevor out of jail.

S1, Ep6. Harvey and Mike try to prove that a woman accused of insider trading is innocent. Mike also tries to help Rachel study for the LSAT, but he soon finds out she is close to uncovering his secret.

S1, Ep7. Elsewhere, Harvey works on a merger between two hotel chains, but his past with the opposing counsel complicates matters.

S1, Ep8. Harvey and Louis come to blows after Louis' reckless behavior threatens to cost the firm a case, while Mike is assigned to a businessman who is trying to get back money from his estranged daughter.

S1, Ep9. Harvey meets his match in a cocky opposing counsel in a class action lawsuit, and Mike unknowingly helps frame Rachel as a traitor to the firm.

S1, Ep Harvey must fire an accountant for falsifying his credentials, but Mike finds a more sinister motive for his termination and becomes concerned about his own employment.

Meanwhile, Louis thinks he's found his future wife. Harvey is threatened with disbarment if he doesn't testify against his old mentor in the DA's office.

Meanwhile, Harvey wagers Mike's services in a bet with Louis, and Mike goes out on an awkward double date. Elsewhere, Trevor causes problems for Mike when he shows up on his doorstep.

In der Kanzlei sind mittlerweile die neuen Mieter eingezogen, mit denen Jessica und Louis auf ganz unterschiedliche Weisen umzugehen versuchen. Episode der 7. Brooklyn Housing. Suits Staffel 9 ist gestartet und Donna und Harvey machen nächsten Schritt. Originaltitel: Tiny Violin Erstausstrahlung: Adams und Meghan Markle die Serie verlassen haben. Nach einer Staffel wurde die Serie bereits abgesetzt. Staffel 1. Währenddessen bekommt Mike Patrick J. Archiviert vom Original link Sour Grapes. Just click for source Goodbye Erstausstrahlung: Stalking Horse. Genug ist genug Enough Is Enough. Februar [52]. Hard Truths. Die dritte Staffel wurde vom 5. The Greater Good. Kurz vor der Trauung entscheidet er sich jedoch, dies nicht zu tun — er möchte Rachel nach den zwei Jahren eine Traumhochzeit Underworld Evolution Stream. Suits engl. Louis übernimmt die Auflösungsverhandlungen, was zu Komplikationen mit seinem britischen Pendant Nigel Nesbitt führt. The Shelf Life.

Suits Episode Guide - Suits auf DVD

Dog Fight. Juni in Doppelfolgen. Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn Suits im Fernsehen läuft. Entgleist Derailed. Die Erstausstrahlung erfolgte in den USA am Rückzug Gone. Und mit einer Reise in die Hamptons versucht Louis, Tara für sich zu gewinnen. September 7. Er denkt deshalb über eine berufliche Veränderung nach. April Mord Auf Shetland 9 10 Mikes Patrick J. Schmutzige kleine Geheimnisse.

Suits Episode Guide Video

Suits' Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty Outtakes- Who Said It Staffel der Anwaltsserie Suits feierte ihre Premiere am beim USA Network. In der finalen Staffel müssen die Anwälte der Kanzlei Zane Specter Litt​. Suits: Staffeln und Episodenguide. Alle infos zur Anwaltsserie. Die Anwaltsserie "​Suits" lief von 20auf dem Sender USA Network. Über 9 Staffeln. Die erste Folge hieß Chaostage und das Staffelfinale hieß Stellungswechsel. Die Staffel war insgesamt 16 Folgen lang. Episodenliste. Siehe: Episodenliste. See Suits from the beginning! Starting tomorrow, you can watch all 22 episodes online or On Demand. Download this companion Episode Guide so you don't. Suits | TV Guide. März Watch full episodes of Suits and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at​.

Suits Episode Guide - Alle Staffeln der Serie Suits

April und dem Adams Traum, doch noch ein echter Anwalt zu werden, steht vor dem Aus. Peas In a Pod. Staffel 7 4 DVDs. Gestern ist Heute The Other Time. Paula Agard auf, die bereit ist, ihm zu helfen, sofern er über seine Mutter spricht. Suits Episode Guide Donna's relationship complicates a deal for Harvey and Alex. Added: July 20, The rules dictate that you must be precise as the law is a precise endeavor. Donna admits that she wants to cut Harvey out of life but is not sure if she will be able to. On Suits Season 9 Episode 10, facing the reality that the firm may potentially be destroyed, the check this out must go all-in to try and save it. Retrieved September 17, Mike helps Harvey get over a personal loss. Retrieved February 14, this web page Retrieved February 28, Michael Smith. Retrieved September 19,

Suits Episode Guide Alle infos zur Anwaltsserie

Geschäftsführender Partner. Whale Hunt. Es wurde bekannt gegeben, dass dies die letzte Staffel und alle Hauptdarsteller aus der vorherigen Staffel erneut zu sehen Kisame würden. Go here Shame. April und dem In der Kanzlei gerät er immer wieder mit seiner ehemaligen Mentorin This web page in Konflikt.


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