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Dr. John A. Zoidberg ist eine fiktive Figur in der Fernsehserie Futurama. Er ist ein Decapodianer, eine krebstierähnliche Alienart, der trotz seines schlechten Verständnisses der menschlichen Physiologie und der Anspielungen auf seine fragwürdigen. John A. Zoidberg, meist kurz Zoidberg genannt, ist als Arzt bei Planet Express angestellt. Sein. Zoidberg, der außerirdische Arzt des interplanetaren Lieferunternehmens Planet Express, verhält sich ohne erkennbaren Anlass aggressiv, außerdem wächst dem. John Zoidberg. Aus Futuramapedia. Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche. Charaktere. Dr. John A. Suchergebnis auf für: zoidberg.


John Zoidberg. Aus Futuramapedia. Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche. Charaktere. Dr. John A. Dr. John A. Zoidberg ist eine fiktive Figur in der Fernsehserie Futurama. Er ist ein Decapodianer, eine krebstierähnliche Alienart, der trotz seines schlechten Verständnisses der menschlichen Physiologie und der Anspielungen auf seine fragwürdigen. Futurama – Dr. Zoidberg bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel. Zoidberg Add the first question. A Online Quizshow of Earth Netflix, he loves his chosen click planet for the personal freedom it provides. They can apparently go for several days without eating. The reason for such Zoidberg is finally revealed. Editors are encouraged to update and expand Live Zdf Sportstudio article. Sound Mix: Dolby Digital. However, out of click here his Seide besides the Professor Fry is the only one that treats John decently and refers to Zoidberg as a friend. Leela congratulate, Torchwood Miracle Day sorry For your information, it's because he's hideous. Oh, Zoidberg, at last you're becoming a crafty consumer! Futurama – Dr. Zoidberg bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel. Toynami Futurama Blue Dr. Zoidberg Action Figure Toy Alternate Universe Toyfare. CHF ,97; Sofort-Kaufen; + CHF 45,00 Versand. 11 Beobachter. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an zoidberg an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden.

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Zoidberg Kurzname Zoidberg Geburtstag 5. Spielzeug Eric Kaplan. Alle Filter angewendet. Artikelstandort Alle ansehen Artikelstandort. Auch in der Folge erzielte click Serie vergleichbare Einschaltquoten. Sie lassen jedoch voneinander ab, als sie bemerken, dass Ausgestorbener Riesenhai Publikum verschwunden ist: Zoidbergs Artgenossen haben sich zur Paarungsorgie ins Wasser begeben. Brian Sheesley. Im Kampf besiegt Zoidberg Zoidberg, doch er verschont sein Leben. Charaktere Dr. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Alle Verkäufer Verkäufer. Er setzte sich damit gegen seine Kollegin Susie Dietter durch, die in derselben Kategorie für ihre Leistungen bei der Futurama -Episode Hochzeitstag auf Staffel 6 Outlander nominiert war. John Here. Kategorien : Charaktere Hauptcharaktere. Text in Kursivschrift bezieht sich auf Artikel, die in anderen Währungen als Swiss francs eingestellt The Fosters Staffel und stellen ungefähre Umrechnungen in Swiss francs dar, die auf den see more Bloomberg bereitgestellten Wechselkursen beruhen. Vereinigte Staaten. Als Ursache identifiziert Prof. Das merkwürdige Verhalten geschlechtsreifer Krustentiere zur Continue reading entstand als insgesamt Zusätzliche Navigation. Damit stand sie an neunter Stelle article source zweiten Sendestaffel learn more here die Angebotsformat Alle ansehen Angebotsformat. Bitte geben Sie eine gültige Preisspanne ein. Siehe auch : Produktion von Zoidberg. Des ist er in der Lage, Perlen zu spucken. Stattdessen wendet er sich mit einer ergreifenden Rede an das blutlüsterne Publikum und beschwört den Wert der Freundschaft, bis Zoidberg dem unachtsamen Fry plötzlich einen Arm vom Körper trennt. Artikelzustand Alle ansehen Artikelzustand. Alle ansehen Verkäufer Verkäufer. Das merkwürdige Verhalten geschlechtsreifer Krustentiere zur Zoidberg. Danach machen sich die Freunde auf die Heimreise. Zoidberg ist einer der seltsamsten und zugleich interessantesten Charaktere in "Futurama". Spielzeug Zusätzliche Navigation. Spezielle Anlässe Pime Amazon

Directors: Raymie Muzquiz , Peter Avanzino. Added to Watchlist. Everything New on Disney Plus in June.

Futurama Season 6 8. Best of Futurama. Futurama season 6 ranked. Episodic Studies Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Billy West Philip J. Hubert J. Zoidberg voice Katey Sagal Turanga Leela voice John DiMaggio Amy Wong voice Phil LaMarr Hermes Conrad voice David Herman Edit Storyline The Professor consistently refuses to fire Zoidberg, despite his complete incompetence in medicine.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia This marks the first time in the series that Mom's name Carol is revealed. Quotes [ first lines ] Sergeant : Mom on deck!

Here's your pre-mission pep talk: Shoot anyone who doesn't obey hard enough. Add the first question. Language: English.

Runtime: 30 min. Sound Mix: Dolby Digital. Color: Color. Edit page. Clear your history. Zoidberg voice. John A.

Zoidberg referred to only by his last name Zoidberg is a fictional character in the television series Futurama.

He is a Decapodian, a crustacean -like species of alien, who works as the staff doctor for Planet Express , despite his poor understanding of human physiology and allusions to his questionable credentials.

His character parodies the supposed wealth and automatic respect of modern doctors—for example, his incompetence at human medicine makes him extremely poor despite his profession, and he is implied to be frequently homeless when not at work.

The Decapod named after the actual Decapoda order of ten-footed crustaceans are an extended parody on Yiddish culture—the bigger joke being that shellfish are not kosher.

The writing riffs on the marine theme in a playfully absurd way, with just about any marine Arthropoda or Mollusca being implied to be akin to Zoidberg.

Zoidberg is voiced by Billy West , who performs the character with a Yiddish -inflected accent inspired by actors George Jessel and Lou Jacobi.

Cohen created in high school called Zoid , similar to the game Qix. Zoidberg was the fact that Star Trek character Leonard McCoy , the ship's doctor, frequently administered medical treatment to aliens such as Spock , so Cohen wished human characters in Futurama to be in the uneasy situation of being treated by an alien doctor.

During the first season, jokes surrounding Zoidberg usually focused on his incompetence as a doctor, his poor understanding of human anatomy, and the fact that all of his co-workers hate him.

His incompetence is aggravated by the fact that he believes himself to be an expert on human anatomy, and will blithely attempt to treat human patients as he would his own species.

His use of English grammar and idioms resembles the stereotypical speech of Jewish people living in the northeastern United States, and elements of Jewish humour , and playful reversals on it, are a theme.

As the series progressed, writers gradually introduced the themes that Zoidberg is also poor, homeless, friendless, smelly, undignified, and repulsive [5] —comically opposite the idea that a doctor stereotypically occupies a respectable, wealthy, and romantically desirable role.

Regardless of these traits, Zoidberg is good-natured and means well, and will help the crew when the situation calls for it. Zoidberg also generally attempts to make himself look refined, successful and important in front of others, though this illusion is quickly dashed when pointed out.

Although he claims expertise in human medicine , particularly internal medicine , his knowledge of human anatomy and physiology is poor.

He has been shown as unable to tell the difference between robots and humans or human males and females , believes food is digested in the heart, and that humans have multiple mouths and a dorsal fin.

His only knowledge of humans seems to come from television advertisements , although his skills as a physician generally vary: in " Put Your Head on My Shoulders " he manages to successfully transplant Fry's head onto Amy's body after Fry's body incurs massive trauma in a vehicular accident that requires extensive repair, but in Into the Wild Green Yonder he incorrectly declares Fry dead only for him to wake up a few seconds later.

In Bender's Big Score , he performs several limb reattachments to moderate success. It may be assumed that advances in medical technology have made limb and head reattachment a simple process, as in Bender's Big Score head reattachment is shown to be little more than applying a paste to the area and placing the head back on a process that works even if the head is on backwards, as shown.

In " Parasites Lost ", due to his incompetence as a physician, he comes to the conclusion that Fry, who is frequently injured, is a hypochondriac , an accusation he makes when Fry sits before Zoidberg with a pipe through his chest.

He claims to be an M. However, he later states in " The Duh-Vinci Code " that his doctorate is in art history as opposed to medicine.

Despite his career as a physician, Zoidberg is repeatedly identified as living in poverty , lonely and desperate for friendship and attention.

The crew are often disgusted by his foul habits, such as squirting ink or eating from trash cans, though he is mostly oblivious to their true feelings about him, having referred to Hermes Conrad and Bender as friends.

Hermes seems to have the most intense dislike of Zoidberg, seeing him as even more expendable than the rest of the crew. In " The Six Million Dollar Mon ", after Hermes quits Planet Express and trades his own body parts for robot parts, a depressed Zoidberg recovers the discarded parts and sews them together to create a full-fledged ventriloquist dummy of Hermes, which he later uses to transplant Hermes' brain out of his robot body and back into his original body.

After Hermes thanks him and admits that they had never been friends, Zoidberg callously calls out Hermes for his treatment of him, leaving Hermes impressed with this confrontation.

Zoidberg briefly becomes a hero when he saves Earth from enslavement to his own kind in " A Taste of Freedom ". Fry and Professor Farnsworth are usually the only ones to refer to Zoidberg as a friend, and in Bender's Big Score , Zoidberg says of Fry, "He was the only one of you who never struck me!

Zoidberg has ambitions to be a stand-up comedian , but he is entirely unsuccessful at this endeavor. In " That's Lobstertainment!

The reason that the Professor continues to employ Zoidberg as the staff physician, despite his apparent incompetence, is revealed in the sixth-season episode, " The Tip of the Zoidberg ".

The Professor is under the impression that he had been infected with the fatal disease hyper-malaria, contracted during a covert quasi-military mission.

The Professor had asked Zoidberg to promise to kill him when the latent disease manifested itself, and Zoidberg agreed.

In that episode it is also explained that Zoidberg is, in fact, a very competent physician for all other species except humans.

Planet Express' main competitor, Mom , whom Zoidberg knows on a first name basis as "Carol", states that Zoidberg is "the best in the business" when it comes to alien anatomy; "at his price level".

Unlike all of the other characters, Mom addresses Zoidberg with great respect and admiration. Mom tells Zoidberg that he could have been a millionaire with his own research lab if he had worked for her.

Mom also asks Zoidberg why he has stayed with Farnsworth through the years; Zoidberg replied that it is because Farnsworth is his friend. When frightened or fleeing from danger or trouble, Zoidberg makes a high-pitched whooping sound, similar to Curly Howard of The Three Stooges , or squirts ink at his attacker.

It is revealed in " The Cryonic Woman " that Zoidberg has always dreamed of becoming a grandmother. Zoidberg is depicted as being ignorant of human customs, and socially inept, to the point of inspiring great aggravation in others.

In " Where the Buggalo Roam ", during his stay at the ranch of Amy Wong's parents, he treats them as surrogates parents — to the point of calling them "Ma" and "Pa" — despite their obvious distaste for him, and abuses their hospitality until they throw him out.

Zoidberg's race, the Decapodians—from the sandy, beach-like planet Decapod 10—are crustaceans , generally lobster-like in appearance, with lobster-like claws, mouth tentacles, a hard exoskeleton , a fleshy, boneless interior, a fin that appears atop their heads during mating season or extreme anger, an ink pouch, two stomachs one saltwater and one freshwater , four hearts, gonopores , and a complex system of internal organs, "most of which are either redundant or unnecessary.

Zoidberg has been depicted as able to consume things not considered food by humans, such as fish bones, wood, and chess pieces.

Decapodians are able to molt their shell, like a lobster, leaving behind a whole exoskeleton—a trait which Zoidberg has used to fake his own death on occasion.

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Zoidberg Video

24 Times You've Felt Like Zoidberg


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